Product Bites— October 6, 2023


This week's Product Bites podcast features the TorqTech Ultra Mini from J. Morita, Ormco Digital Bonding, Presto Smile, Patterson Dental's Eaglesoft version 22.00 and Sonendo’s second generation CleanFlow procedure instrument.

 Product Bites – October 6, 2023

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Welcome to Product Bites, a weekly podcast from Dental Products Report providing you with a rundown of recently launched and updated dental technologies, materials, instruments, and everything else you might use with patients or while running your practice.

I'm your host for this week DPR editorial director, Noah Levine, and on this week's podcast, we've got the TorqTech Ultra Mini from J. Morita, Ormco Digital Bonding, Presto Smile, Patterson Dental's Eaglesoft Version 22.00, and Sonendo's second generation CleanFlow procedure instrument. So let's dive right into the weekly look at the newest products in the dental industry.

J. Morita recently introduced the TorqTech Ultra Mini, a new addition to their contra angle handpiece lineup designed to provide stability and durability in a compact form. With a short head height, the Ultra Mini ensures excellent visibility, making it perfect for patients with limited jaw mobility or children. Despite its size, this 1:5 contra angle offers exceptional cutting capacity and an extended lifespan. The Ultra Mini accommodates standard and short shank burrs up to 21 mm. Its advanced water spray provides consistent cooling, and it is compatible with both air and E-type electric motors. Additional benefits include the lightweight design, a durable chuck, and optimal illumination.

Ormco Digital Bonding is an innovative orthodontic technology designed to work in conjunction with Damon Ultima brackets and Spark Approver software. The solution aims to help clinicians achieved consistent bracket bonding and customized positioning with less effort. Digital workflows are now accessible for all patients, providing flexibility and new treatment options. Ormco Digital Bonding aims to make orthodontists' lives easier, offering more treatment options along with a streamlined workflow.

Presto Smile is a new mobile app that uses artificial intelligence to help clinicians show patients their potential post-treatment smile, enhancing chairside discussions and informed decision making. The user-friendly platform integrates seamlessly into dental practices and generates instant realistic smile mock ups through its AI algorithms. With its intuitive design, Presto Smile is easy to use. It's designed to enhance trust and increase patient acceptance of proposed treatments. This new app facilitates discussions enabling patients to actively participate in their dental care decisions.

Patterson Dental's Eaglesoft Version 22.00 practice management software offers new features to enhance performance, maintain security and ensure HIPAA compliance. New maintenance and optimization capabilities are designed to automate workflows, save staff time, and increase practice efficiency. CAESY Cloud integration aims to increase treatment acceptance while the built in PDF viewer simplifies document handling. Improved email integration with Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, and Outlook 365 enhances communication. Finally, security updates in the utilities zone ensure data protection.

Finally this week, Sonendo, the developer behind GentleWave endodontic technology, recently debuted the second generation CleanFlow procedure instrument. This upgraded release boasts a redesigned matrix system for a secure and lasting seal, streamlining the root canal treatment process. The improved design allows clinicians to use a single instrument for all teeth enhancing treatment efficiency. Approved for use on anterior teeth, this innovation simplifies use of the GentleWave System, which provides effective disinfection and cleaning inside root canals, making procedures safer and more efficient.

That does it for this week's episode of Product Bites. To stay up to date on all the latest dental products. You can go to, or check back next week for the next episode of Product Bites. I'm Noah Levine. Thanks so much for listening.

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