Author | Vince Tauro, MDT, CDT


Acquisition Center

June 04, 2012

The state of the dental laboratory industry always has been evolving, with some areas evolving faster than others depending on the needs and focus of labs, whether those needs be to increase productivity, quality or both. We have seen porcelain, impression materials, die-stone and other staples make dramatic advancements. But while these advancements enabled us to improve our product, our techniques largely remained the same. We waxed, invested, cast, completed temporaries, baked and stained porcelain the way it had been done for many years. 

Evolution to revolution

March 21, 2012

With the constant increase in the cost of gold, silver and the difficulties of working with non-precious and titanium alloys, the dental laboratory industry has been looking for alternative dental materials for many years. With the advent of digital scanning and advanced milling techniques, we have witnessed the growth of the zirconia restoration.