Sam Douthit

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Sam Douthit is a natural-born seeker with a passion for community driven growth who is dedicated to the pursuit of helping others unlock their highest potential. Serving as a Big Brother was the catalyst for unlocking his own potential as a coach; he volunteered 4 years as a mentor in the program. To this day Sam is proud to stand by as a guide to his little brother as he learns to navigate his own career path.

An executive coach with Fortune Management, Douthit has a BA in Economics and Business Administration from Middle Tennessee State University, and over 15 years of experience in management with one of Nashville’s most formidable hospitality groups. While at Strategic Hospitality, Sam honed his skills for recruitment and staff management, project management, cost containment and profitability, and systems implementation.

Sam dreams big and works even harder. As an avid golfer and tennis player, he has cultivated an appreciation for developing mental dexterity and an attraction to the benefits of healthy competition. He believes in the power of accountability driven goal setting and showing gratitude through paying it forward.


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