Author | Pamela Campbell, Sr. VP & San Diego Regional Manager for California Bank & Trust


Choosing the best banking solutions for your practice

March 21, 2012

It seems as though just a few years ago, business banking was pretty simple and straightforward. The typical dental practice had checking and savings accounts, and patients paid by cash, check or insurance. Then along came a dizzying array of bank offerings – credit products, online banking, cash sweeps and a myriad of other services.

Credit solutions for your practice

March 21, 2012

The demand for dental practitioners has never been higher. According to a 2007 study by the ADA, the average age of the practicing dentist is 49.  Fewer students are enrolling in dental schools, and there are fewer dental schools today than there were in the 1980s. The state of the industry affords today’s practicing dentists an opportunity to reinvest in their practice and expand their business to meet the growing demand. Relationship banking