Michelle Strange

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Michelle Strange, MSDH, has been a clinician in dentistry since 2000 and currently is a practicing hygienist, surgical assistant, speaker, volunteer, educator in a dental hygiene program, lead clinical educator for TePe Oral Health Care, Inc., and podcast co-host of “A Tale of Two Hygienists." She is a self-proclaimed dental nerd and sees the dental profession as not only her forever career path but her hobby. With a master’s degree in dental hygiene education and a belief in life-long learning, Michelle hopes to continue to learn and grow within the dental profession and one day see the gap bridged between medical and dental. Her experience as a hygienist began in a periodontal- and implant-driven office where she gained much experience with the maintenance of dental implants. Her passion is helping patients be successful at home with a goal of better oral health with a patient-centered approach.


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