Author | Michael Sacopulos, JD. Partner with Sacopulos, Johnson & Sacopulos


How to lease office space without getting cheated

September 17, 2012

With the current economic uncertainty, dentists are questioning their commercial office space needs. According to Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel, who has been a practicing facial plastic surgeon for 13 years at the Boston University of Medicine, leasing has advantages including increased flexibility, tax benefits and reduced responsibilities. Dr. Spiegel opened a new office in a Boston suburb and has been in his new space for roughly a year and a half. After much searching he decided to lease the space.

How to outsmart your disability insurance policy

July 25, 2012

Your hands are your livelihood. In a flash, a career that took decades to achieve can come to an end. Meanwhile, the monthly bills keep rolling in and financial obligations mount as you’re out of work. This is an unpleasant but important topic for all dentists.

Maximize your dental practice's account receivable

April 20, 2012

Tips that all dental practices should use to set clear financial arrangements and expectations for their dental patients.

Trick or Tweet

March 21, 2012

Social media can be used to connect with long lost friends and keep in touch with distant family members, but some dentists are using sites like Facebook to connect with their patients on a new platform. “I started using social media about two years ago when I opened up my own private practice as a tool to build community,” said Chicago based pediatric dentist Dr. Grace Yum.