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Lorin Berland, DDS, was an internationally acclaimed cosmetic dentist and one of the most published clinical dentistry authors. With well over 100 articles, the best-selling Lorin Library Smile Style Guide as well as instructional videos, Dr Berland has made a lasting impact on dental education. He was the 1st Fellow of the AACD, included in the Top 100 CE Leaders for 19 consecutive years, and was recognized by the AACD for "Outstanding Contributions to the Arts & Science of Cosmetic Dentistry."

Dr Berland pioneered the Dental Spa concept and the multi-specialty group practice. He has been featured in 20/20, Time, Town & Country, Reader's Digest, and GQ. He began his career as a denture technician. After more than 35 years of listening to patients, he retired to start Dr. B Dental Solutions with a full line of products specifically designed to treat the common yet serious issues affecting the daily lives of people with oral appliances—Oral Infections and Dry Mouth—which are not addressed by major brands.


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