Author | Lauren Burns


Teaching dentists the ABCs of Sales using MGE Management

January 28, 2020

How sales training from MGE Management Experts helped one dentist raise his collections by 500 percent.

How antimicrobial nanotechnology is set to empower composites

August 05, 2019

New nano-technology from Nobio is powering the creation of novel dental materials capable of providing long-lasting antimicrobial properties to restore damaged teeth and provide ongoing, lasting protection.

Is cone beam technology worth the cost?

February 18, 2019

Learn how a CBCT system could have a positive impact on your ROI and practice scope.

7 clinicians discuss 7 bonding agents

September 01, 2015

am a general practitioner in a large restorative practice where we feature comprehensive rehabilitation and cosmetic dentistry. Our goal is long-lasting, sensitivity-free restoratives with a focus on esthetics.