Dr. Steve Schwartz

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Dr. Schwartz has extensive experience in both the public and private sectors. As an owner, he experienced a 200-300% rise in KPI (key performance indicators) by applying proven management techniques, along with a corresponding decrease in stress. In addition to his DDS, Dr. Schwartz has a degree in psychology and more than 100 hours of training as a life coach. An innovative thinker and problem solver, Dr. Schwartz has taught dental assisting and been a clinical instructor and guest speaker in management at Temple University’s Kornberg School of dentistry. He is also president/CEO of Progressive Dental Ventures, LLC, a company that assists development of new products, global market distribution, and presents coaching and consulting services for dentists and dental practices. Dr. Schwartz is available to discuss services to meet your specific needs and can be contacted at: Dr.Schwartz@ProgressiveDentalVentures.com.


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