Brian Shniderman, US CEO & Global Chief Strategy Officer, Opy USA

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Brian Shniderman
Opy US CEO & Global Chief Strategy Officer

Brian is a 32-year veteran of the payments and fintech advisory industry. He joined Opy from Deloitte, where he founded and grew the firm’s globally top-ranked payments practice. He successfully helped the C-suite of large global companies implement high-visibility, complex payments, fintech and banking strategies, mergers and acquisitions, operations, and technology initiatives. These include large credit card issuers, merchant acquirers, networks, payments processors, corporates, governments, and merchants. Prior to Deloitte, Shniderman was an executive at several advisory firms, focusing on fintech and payments. In 2001, he was recognized as an innovator of the year by Fortune for introducing approaches for B2B equity-based payments, continuing to innovate and launch new fintech products since then.


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