Author | Anthony Giovine


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January 02, 2016

Since so many different factors influence SEO, it’s easy to stress over the small stuff affecting your rankings and completely miss huge, underlying issues that wreak havoc over your web presence. With this audit, you’ll be able to identify any major issues holding you back.

SPONSORED: Why Content is King for Search Engines

October 30, 2015

Content, content, content. Are you sick of hearing that word yet? If you’ve been looking for ways to improve your dental website’s search engine optimization, you probably are. The fact remains that unique, high-quality content is king, and you’ll have to work on it to see noticeable search engine rank changes.

SPONSORED: Mobile-Friendly Websites - An Inside Look at the Numbers

October 30, 2015

Undoubtedly, you’ve been made privy to the importance of having your dental website mobile-friendly. Whether it’s by the onslaught of dental online marketing companies telling you such, your own experience surfing the web, or your tech-savvy nephew, you get it.

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September 30, 2015

We live in a different world than we did just a few years ago. Now, to reach prospective patients-especially Generation Y patients-dentists need to have a web presence that separates them from all of their competition online. We live in a different world than we did just a few years ago.