Wicked Engineering releases CUREbox Plus

Wicked Engineering has released the CUREbox Plus, a high-quality UV post-cure oven. Post-curing 3D printed SLA parts is important as it provides significantly higher tensile strength and flexural modulus to printed parts. Within the dental industry, post-curing is required for many of the resins used in 3D printing, exposing the part to UV and visible light at the wavelength that the photosensitive resin reacts to.

The CUREbox Plus includes all of the features of the standard CUREbox, and it adds several unique features. Dental One-Touch Presets make it easier and even more efficient to use. The CUREbox Plus as a large temperature range, 30-80C, and has the ability for fast heating. Just as with the standard version, the Plus has a large capacity chamber, which measures 12” x 12” x 6.25”. It is designed to be clean-room friendly and is said to support virtually all photosensitive resins on the market.

To learn more about CUREbox and its accessories, visit wickedengineering.com.