Whip Mix to skip IDS 2021 due to the pandemic, travel restrictions

Dental manufacturer lists health and well-being of customers and employees as contributing factors for skipping large meeting in Cologne, Germany.

The world changed last spring with the onset of COVID-19, and along way the pandemic forced the cancellations of most (if not all) of any planned dental meetings and conventions. While one of the largest global dental events is still set to take place in March 2021 in Cologne, Germany, some manufacturers have announced they will not attend the event. The latest to do so is Whip Mix.

After weeks of discussion and review of the current COVID-19 situation, Whip Mix has announced that it has decided that the company will not take part in the International Dental Show (IDS) held in Cologne, Germany from March 9-13, 2021. Whip Mix says they have taken into account the health and well-being of their customers and their employees and the expected restrictions to meet social distancing requirements that are being implemented for the exhibition.

The company, with main corporate offices and manufacturing facilities encompassing over 220,000 square feet located in Louisville, Kentucky, states it would be difficult to provide attendees with meetings and new product consultations with the limited interaction allowed inside the Whip Mix booth at IDS. In addition, the company realizes that the current travel restrictions for the U.S. and other countries may lead to a much lower attendance for the IDS in 2021.

In a statement on their website, the company says: “This was a difficult decision for all of us at Whip Mix to make, as we value seeing each of you and know the overall importance of this event. We hope that the situation will continue to improve and we look forward to participating and attending the next IDS.”

Meanwhile, IDS officials are planning to move forward with its 2021 event. That is their declared objective, and IDS is rigorously implementing measures to protect everyone involved in order to can achieve this. The health and safety of exhibitors, visitors and staff are their highest priority, according to the IDS website.

As a trade fair with a B2B focus, “IDSis fundamentally different to sporting events and public fairs and festivals—a fact we will continue to highlight in our communications with the public and political decision makers,” IDS states.