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What labs NEED to see in Chicago: Part 3


Dental Lab Products continues its roundup of some of the leading products and solutions that will be on display at Chicago Midwinter, Cal-Lab, Spectrum Day and Lab Day Chicago.

To bring you all of the innovations you need to know about from this year’s Chicago events, we worked with many of the leading innovators in the dental industry to find out what they’re showing off. In the following pages, you’ll see a snapshot of some of these game-changing new options.

Editor's note: Check out the solutions we showcased in Part 1, Part 2 and Part 4

A photo of Chicago

©Getty Images

If you see something you like, and you’re going to Chicago, simply find the company’s booth at one of the shows and let them know you want more information! If you’re not going to Chicago, no problem; simply pick up the phone and call the number under the product. We’re also updating our site during the shows so you won’t miss a thing. Just visit dlpmagazine.com and look for our Chicago coverage!

Whether you’re headed to one of the shows or not, you’re likely to be amazed at what new possibilities lie just around the corner. Click the "next" button to get started.


crowns created with Heany products




Heany Industries’ Luxisse and Luxisse + Anterior ultra translucent zirconia blanks are made in the United States using only Tosoh powders. Heany’s new Luxisse + Anterior is offered in both a nonshaded and preshaded six-disc system that reportedly allows the technician to easily create all 16 VITA shades.

Heany Industries

585-889-2700  |  heany.com


A mill from IMILLING




IMILLING, a production-milling center and now a provider of open CAD/CAM mills, scanners, software and supplies, will promote the new DOF SHARP™-5x Mill at Lab Day Chicago (booth J-24). The complete SHARP mill package with hyperDENT CAM software, Quatro iVAC dust collector and materials starter kit from Sagemax® is priced at just $30,000 through Feb. 27. A wet-processing upgrade is available for an additional fee. The SHARP can be fully integrated with DOF’s FREEDOM™ HD and SWING™ scanners, which are also available through IMILLING.


571-313-1269  |  imilling.com


Ivocolor from Ivoclar Vivadent




IPS Ivocolor is a universal system of stains and glazes that can be used with all ceramics, metal ceramics and zirconia (not for use with blue-state IPS e.max® CAD). This new range of materials combines the properties of the IPS stain and glaze systems and reportedly enhances them by providing more versatility in a single assortment. A key advancement is the glaze system, which allows technicians to retain surface texture even with a high gloss. The new low-fusing glass composition also fires at temperatures of 710°C and higher and spans across a CTE range of 9.5-16.6. The system consists of shade materials for shading the restorations in accordance with the A-D shade guide and Essence materials that are mixed with liquids to produce Effect stains.

Ivoclar Vivadent

800-533-6825  |  ivoclarvivadent.com


Jensen Dental restoration




Already said to be the strongest (769 MPa) and most esthetic restorative material on the market, the new Imagine Zirconia System now includes customized, Imagine-specific shading liquids and ceramic layering materials. The Imagine System is designed to be a complete system that gives labs everything they need to optimize the esthetic possibilities of full-contour, monolithic, traditionally layered or minimally layered zirconia restorations. In combination with Jensen’s InSync Stain and Glaze, this zirconia system is engineered to help technicians exceed every possible esthetic expectation.

Jensen Dental

800-243-2000  |  jensendental.com


keating bruxer




KDZ Bruxer® Aesthetic is the latest addition to the KDZ Bruxer product offering from Keating Dental Arts, Irvine, Calif. This highly esthetic restorative material is designed specifically for the anterior region of the mouth. Exhibiting an average flexural strength of 650 MPa, it incorporates high translucency and color that reportedly matches natural dentition. The KDZ Bruxer Aesthetic is said to be a strong, esthetic solution for all anterior cases. It is engineered to be kind to the opposing dentition and require less reduction than other all-ceramic materials.

Keating Dental Arts

800-433-9833  |  bruxeraesthetic.com


Kerr Lab Bellewax




Kerr now offers bellewax millable wax discs specially formulated to mill smooth and precise patterns. The discs are designed to be compatible with the bellewax sculpturing and esthetic waxes for adjustments, repairs and characterization. Bellewax millable wax discs are also compatible with the complete line of Kerr waxes and sprues for precise, clean burnouts. The discs are available in two industry-standard diameters, 98 and 100 mm, and in three popular thicknesses in white or gray.


800-537-7123  |  kerrlab.com


Kuraray Katana zirconia




Kuraray America introduced 16 new KATANA™ UTML standard shades. Said to be highly esthetic and functional, they reportedly provide outstanding durability, easy milling and storage and enamel-like translucency. Said to be ideal for full-contour crowns, posterior single crowns, anterior crowns and veneers, inlays/onlays and anterior bridges up to three units, shades include A1, A2, A3, A3.5, A4, B1, B2, B3, B4, C1, C2, C3, C4, D2, D3 and D4. They are 30 percent stronger than lithium disilicate restorations and can be layered with CZR enamel and lusters. Additionally, there is no registration required for Kuraray’s clinic at Columbus Hall H in the East Tower at Lab Day Chicago. Visit exhibit booth #H15.

Kuraray America

800-879-1676  |  kuraraydental.com






LabStar recently released its version 2.0, featuring simplified navigation, redesigned reports and streamlined case tracking. The company also created two new digital tools: Digital Transfer and the LabStar Attach iPhone/iPad app. Digital Transfer reportedly helps users easily upload, back up and share files with their clients. LabStar Attach replaces outdated scanner technology with one-click uploads of lab slips, documents and case images. Both features come with unlimited storage. LabStar says it hopes to help labs spend less time managing and more time producing.


323-522-3120  |  labstar.com


Magic Touch Software logo




Magic Touch Software delivers software solutions designed exclusively for the management of dental laboratories. The company says its commitment to innovation and excellent customer support has fueled the success and growth of laboratories worldwide both large and small. Visit Magic Touch Software at Cal-Lab and LMT Lab Day and discover what’s new for 2016: Technician Bench, designed to be the final piece in making your lab paperless; My Route Manager, a fully integrated web app for local pickup and delivery supporting digital signatures; Inventory Management, which helps with vendor and purchase order management; and Advanced Custom Query, which allows users to create sophisticated queries in real time with full data export.

Magic Touch Software

800-714-6490   |  magictouchsoftware.com


Medit benchtop scanners




MEDIT’s new Identica Hybrid 3D scanner is reportedly fast, accurate and reliable. It can scan a full arch in 16 seconds, and with the company’s new flexible multidie scanner technology, complex scan workflows can be significantly decreased. Identica Software v 2.0 is designed to offer a user-friendly and intuitive experience. Identica Hybrid is sleek yet durable and is covered by a two-year warranty. Visit the MEDIT booth at Lab Day Chicago to find out more. 


82-2-2193-9600  |  meditcompany.com


preat attachment




PREAT launched the new Locator R-TX overdenture attachment system. The Locator R-TX is designed to improve upon the world’s most widely used overdenture attachment system by increasing potential angle correction from 40° up to 60°, providing more abutment durability with DuraTec Carbon Nitride coating and featuring both a pink gingiva-colored abutment and denture cap male for more esthetic results.


800-232-7732  |  preat.com


Primotec Premio print master 3D printer




Primotec exhibits at both Cal-Lab and Lab Day this year. It will unveil its new PREMIO Printmaster 3D printer, which has two different models with four configurations, depending on the customer’s printing needs. The PREMIO Printmaster 3D printer is capable of printing wax for casting, a beige material for models and a clear material for splints and surgical guides.

primotec USA

866-643-3129  |  primotecusa.com


Renfert extractor




Renfert USA introduced two dust extractors: the SILENT compact and SILENT compactCAM. Both systems feature fine filter technology and are bagless, eliminating the need to change dust bags. They also include a fully encapsulated turbine unit said to reduce noise level and a motor designed to be replaced quickly by the user, minimizing downtime. The SILENT compact is a small bench extractor engineered for an individual appliance that’s controlled via an automatic switch. The SILENT compactCAM is specifically designed for use with compact and medium-size dental CAD/CAM milling units. The SPS interface provides bidirectional communication between the extractor and CAM unit.

Renfert USA

800-336-7422  |  renfert.com


Roland DGA milling machines




Roland DGA will showcase its new DWX series mills at LMT Lab Day Chicago. Featuring a new five-axis system, a re-engineered dust collection system, a 10-station ATC and more, the DWX-51D dry mill is said to be perfect for milling zirconia, wax, PMMA, PEEK, gypsum and composite resins. Roland’s DWX-4W wet mill is reportedly ideal for milling popular glass ceramic restorative materials. Roland will also host free continuing education clinics led by industry experts during the show.

Roland DGA 

800-542-2307  |  rolanddga.com/DWX


Safelink app



SafeLink Consulting features its newest on-demand, CE training course, “Health and Safety in the Dental Laboratory.” This course reviews the OSHA standards for health and safety that apply specifically to a dental laboratory environment, which includes blood-borne pathogens, hazard communication, personal protective equipment, emergency action plans, ergonomics, lockout/tagout and more. Course access is available 24/7 at your convenience from safelinkconsulting.com and provides 1.5 hours NBC regulatory standards credit. SafeLink Consulting also offers on-site risk assessments, OSHA safety training, FDA/quality consulting, written manuals and continuing education.

SafeLink Consulting, Inc.

770-205-6745  |  safelinkconsulting.com

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