VOCO’s new CleanJoy a gentle, smooth, better-tasting prophy paste

Company introduces a prophy paste formulated to allow health care providers to offer their patients an improved and healthier cleaning experience.

VOCO introduces CleanJoy, a fluoride and xylitol-containing, minimally abrasive prophy paste.

CleanJoy’s Fine Dual Filler (FDF) Technology allows for gentle but effective stain removal. The optimized filler particles lead to a smoother patient experience without the sandy feeling found in traditional pastes, as well as optimized splatter-control for the clinician. All grits are within ADA-recommended RDA values, preserving tooth structure and making cleaning and polishing as minimally invasive as possible.

CleanJoy is paraben, gluten and nut-free, reducing allergy risks.

The new prophy paste comes in SingleDose cups packaged in an easy-dispenser box. It is available in sweet caramel, fresh mint, and fruity cherry flavors, and in three minimally abrasive grits—fine, medium and course, which are conveniently color-coded for quick and easy identification. CleanJoy has a stable, homogenous consistency and it will not clump or dry out.

VOCO is excited to introduce CleanJoy prophy paste formulated to allow the health care provider to offer their patients a better, gentler and healthier cleaning experience. For more information, visit voco.dental​.