VITA launches new generation of denture teeth with VITAPAN EXCELL


The premium denture teeth are said to feature natural shape, outstanding shade accuracy and brilliant play of light.

VITA North America, an industry leader in natural and esthetic solutions in dentistry, is pleased to announce the launch of VITAPAN® EXCELL, a new generation of premium denture teeth with natural shape, outstanding shade accuracy and brilliant play of light.

With today’s patients seeking a more youthful appearance, VITAPAN EXCELL delivers, capturing an opalescence, vitality and clarity that mimics natural teeth. Constructed of durable MRP (Micro-filler-Reinforced Polymer) composite material, VITAPAN EXCELL is reportedly ideal for highly esthetic full, partial and implant-retained anterior dentures.

“With the new VITAPAN EXCELL, we are able to offer patients what they’re really looking for,” says Jim McGuire, director of education for VITA North America, “which is a youthful, durable tooth line that looks modern and natural.”

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Using natural teeth as the model, VITA’s top developers and engineers created a multifaceted, textured tooth line in a variety of moulds, shapes and colors, adding individual characterizations and a degree of translucency, opalescence and fluorescence to correspond to natural dentition.

For ideal restoration results, an anterior tooth requires perfectly aligned tooth axes, length and width rations, and a natural angle and curvature characteristics. VITAPAN EXCELL was reportedly created with these golden proportions in mind, allowing for easy replication of the natural symmetry of the tooth and convenient reproduction of the tooth position. Wide cervical dimensions are designed to provide ideal gingival modeling for optimum pink-white esthetic, and moulds with natural angle and curvature characteristics that allow for vitality in shape.

VITAPAN EXCELL is engineered to show good light transmission, thanks to a pronounced enamel area and an integrated opal effect, and a multifaceted surface texture elicits a brilliant play of light.

VITAPAN EXCELL anterior teeth and VITAPAN LINGOFORM posterior teeth are specifically matched for all common occlusal concepts. Both tooth lines are made of the same durable MRP material, and the ideal layering sequence of VITPAN EXCELL closely matches that of VITA LINGOFORM. As a result, a beautiful, harmonious shade is achieved throughout the arch.

VITAPAN EXCELL denture teeth are available in 11 VITA 3D-MASTER shades and 15 VITA classical A1-D4 shades. A convenient metal case with mould charts is also available for convenient tooth storage.

For more information, visit or call 800-828-3839.

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