Vista Dental introduces Regennex Bioactive Universal Bond

Vista Dental has introduced its new barrier-free bioactive universal bond restorative material, Regennex.

Traditional restorative materials require an adhesive to be placed between the tooth and the material itself. This adhesive layer prevents bioactive ions from the restorative material from engaging the tooth structure, blocking the benefits of bioactive.

Regennex incorporates bioactive materials directly into the adhesive layer, depositing biologically charged ions. This allows clinicians to obtain bioactivity while using any of their trusted composites or other restorative materials.

Regennex is proprietary chemistry, and its active ingredient is bioglass, an osteogenic catalyst that’s said to stimulate bone cells towards self-repair. Bioglass is a biocompatible, antimicrobial material that has been verified to release ions that stimulate hydroxyapatite formation. The clinical benefits include the closure of gaps at the resin-dentin interface and improved bond longevity.

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