A view from the rooftop: our world of dentistry post pandemic


A view from the rooftop: our world of dentistry post pandemic. So far, 2020 has been a crazy, anxious time, but with the right perspective you can see better days ahead.

The truth about our world today is about unnecessary panic, hoarding, anger and anxiety about tomorrow.

In our world of dentistry, there is a lot of concern about aerosols, nanoparticles of a virus, and staying “safe.”

Dental professionals are afraid to return to their office and fearful of contracting “the virus.” Patients fear they are not safe to return to their dental office.

How does the ostrich deal with fear? They stick their head in the sand. Right?

Fear leads to panic and ignorance. 

Accept the facts and instructions from the medical community with complete dedication, respect, and humility.

The solution to this fear and the disarray in our world is not difficult.

If the ostrich wants to get out of the sand, it must take one small step forward. The ostrich must take their head out of the sand to breathe.

The First Small Step

It seems like human nature to put yourself in a box.

If you wish to experience your new norm, you must take one baby step forward.

Taking your first step leads you faster towards your goal to grow and when you grow you will begin to enjoy life…again.

Accept the fact that you must move forward because this is the only way things will be different.

The Dental Team

Team: Together Everyone Achieves More.

A successful team must be in alignment but today, our team members are all in different places, dealing with their own “new norm.” We all deal with the challenges and changes in life today differently.

Let’s accept that so we can accept where we each, individually are today.

So how do we all come together to be one collaborative team?

How do we work well to serve our patients at the highest level of care?

How do we get back to our “new norm?”


It’s up to the doctor, the owner of the dental practice, to lead their team.

Understand that many people in our world today feel like they are living in a crisis.

How do we live through a crisis?

When you believe there is a crisis use a three-pronged approach to move forward.

The leader is the best person to take the first step and lead the others to the rooftop. The leader is the most important person to give hope for the future of the dental practice.

Many dental hygienists have not returned to work because they fear safety, They fear they will be exposed to the virus.

Dental hygienists and many team members fear the office does not have proper PPE and aerosol removal systems.

The doctor/leader must provide hope to their team and their patients.

Your First Step

When an individual feels fearful or frozen, they are stuck in what we’ll call the basement.

This is where you hide in darkness.

When you hide, you most likely remain frozen in fear. When people feel fearful, they act irrationally. This is where we currently see people no longer returning to work in their dental office because of various reasons.

In public, in the media, we see people hoarding everything from toilet paper and napkins to ketchup and ice cream. People are glued to the news reports and respond in anger; protesting and damaging property.

None of it makes sense!

This is the worst place to be trapped.

Take the Next Step

Imagine that you have taken your next step and you have walked outside of the basement.

Where you land is the main floor of that box you found yourself trapped inside.

Now you are sitting on the main floor but there are not a lot of windows on this main floor, so your view is not crystal clear. This is the space where you can gain some control over your feelings.

You begin to feel like you do have some control over the situation. So now you feel the ability to take your next step.

Your Step Towards Growth

When you take this next step, you will discover you are on the rooftop. It looks sunny up here. You can breathe more easily. You begin to feel a lot better.

This is where you can take a holistic view of the world around you.

This is where you feel hope and show empathy. The roof is where you can make sense of things. This is where you can adapt.

Now you no longer feel boxed in.

Since you are no longer inside a box, you can move more quickly, and this is where you begin to spread your wings to grow. You no longer live in that fight or flight mode so you can become innovative.

This is the stage of crisis where you can lead your team and enjoy activities with your family.

Why innovative? Innovation is what will take you where you want to be in the near future.

Innovation is the creation, development, and implementation of a new product, process or service, with the aim of improving efficiency, effectiveness, or competitive advantage.”

Innovation provides a sense of accomplishment. This is where success lies

Think Apple Computers. Think Intel and Nike. They are innovative companies and success follows their innovative services and products.

Bouncing Forward

I hear so many say the phrase, “When we bounce back…” but let’s rephrase this and think about “bouncing forward.”

Now that you know about the steps to move forward you must take your first step. Once you get to the rooftop where the view is beautiful you are ready to begin innovating.

Innovation is where you will set yourself apart. Innovation, while you stand on the rooftop, gives you not only a feeling that you can fly but you will begin to set yourself apart from others who remain frozen; stuck in the basement.

When you find yourself on the rooftop, spread your wings. Plan a flight that is smooth and takes you exactly where you want to land on December 31, 2020.

You got this!

Most dental conferences have been canceled this year and many dental healthcare providers need to take their state-required CE Courses such as infection control.

 Join us for 3 Days to capture your required infection control CE and hear from dentists who share how to land on the rooftop and THRIVE in 2020. Learn More About THRIVE 2020 Here: https://bit.ly/THRIVEDENTAL2020

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