Using Celtra Press in your practice

The new material is designed to provide superior strength and exquisite esthetics.

Celtra Press is being called the new generation of high-strength glass ceramics. This unique material is engineered to provide superior strength and exquisite esthetics, and it is reportedly virtually impossible to tell apart from natural dentin.

No longer just a chairside material, Dentsply Sirona’s Celtra Duo zirconia-reinforced lithium silicate blocks are now available in this pressable version created exclusively for dental laboratory professionals.

Strong: With strength in excess of 500 MPa, Celtra Press is said to create a new benchmark in high-strength glass ceramics. The 10 percent zirconium oxide is ready-dissolved in the glass matrix and, along with power firing (in the case of monolithic restorations), reportedly provides for an exceptionally high strength.

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Natural-looking: A particularly fine crystalline microstructure and high glass content are designed to provide truly exquisite light-optical properties. Due to this combination of high translucency and opalescence, Celtra Press is said to exhibit an amazingly natural chameleon effect. Restorations fabricated with Celtra Press reportedly blend into natural dentition extremely well and assure users the most maximum esthetics possible for the closest simulation of natural teeth.

Optimal flow: A low viscosity provides Celtra Press with optimum flow properties. With Celtra Press, even the most delicate of structures and restoration margins are reportedly accurately reproduced.