UNLV Engineering and Dental Researchers Partner with NASA and Colgate

UNLV engineering and dental researchers partner with NASA and Colgate for the June 3rd space launch.

Researchers from UNLV’s College of Engineering and School of Dental Medicine have teamed up with NASA and Colgate will test periodontal disease prevention in space, according to a press release from UNLV.

On June 3rd, the rocket Space X CRS-22 launched on a journey to the International Space Station. On board was a selection of test kits containing saliva from the mouths of 30 UNLV dental clinic patients as well 3D-printed, battery-powered microfluidic pump devices. These kits will test the germs’ growth and the treatment with Colgate products.

This research was spurned by the question as to whether dental hygiene products would be effective for long-term space travel.

The test kits will return in July for analysis.