A truce in the aligner wars

Agreement reached between Align Technology, Inc. and Straumann Group

An agreement was announced between Align Technology Inc. and Straumann Group to settle all outstanding patent disputes in the U.S., the U.K. and Brazil, including those involving ClearCorrect, a subsidiary of Straumann Group.

A non-binding letter of intent for a five-year global development and distribution agreement was also signed whereby Straumann would distribute 5,000 iTero Element scanners, which would be fully integrated into the Straumann/Dental Wings CARES®/DWOS® workflow.

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"This agreement brings an end to a series of patent disputes and allows both Align and Straumann to avoid the expense, uncertainty and distraction of continued litigation,” says Roger George, Align Technology senior vice president and general counsel. “We can now turn our attention to the potential of an exciting new channel for iTero scanners and a digital integration partner in Straumann, recognized as a world leader in digital dentistry.”

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