Top 50 products of 2016: Part III

Dental Products ReportDental Products Report December 2016
Volume 50
Issue 12

The third part in a series where the editors of DPR pick the top 50 products of 2016 that impressed them.

Each year, the dental industry is presented with a myriad of products that make promises to revolutionize and transform the way dentistry is practiced. Some of the claims end up being a bit of hyperbole-perhaps a product is good or an iterative update to a useful product, but it might not be something that makes people wonder, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

And then, on the other side, there are a class of products that stand apart. The ones that truly do shape and shift the dental industry in such ways that bottom lines are improved, that jobs are made more efficient and, of course, that patients are better cared for. Those are the type of products we’ve picked for our top 50 editor’s choice products of 2016. These products blew us away throughout the year, and we’re proud to bring you this roundup of the solutions pushing dentistry forward.

To find out more about each product, simply click on the company name and you'll be taken right to that product's website, or call the number provided. This product review is part of our Top 100 in 2016, and we hope you'll enjoy seeing the top products, web articles, E-books, webinars and videos we thought really made this year great.

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Midmark ClearVision

The Midmark ClearVision® CR Dental Reader is a dental imaging solution designed to rapidly deliver high-quality digital images. The ClearVision CR Dental Reader features a small footprint that enables it to fit into any size dental office and exam room. The automated, magnetized feeding tray offers push and go functionality. The ClearVision is low maintenance with no brushes. The reader follows the Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) standard, making it compatible with existing systems.

Midmark Corp.




MMG Fusion

With MMG Fusion you can manage, market and grow your practice thanks to a single sign-in to one powerful dashboard. The practice management software’s features include sections and tools for local SEO optimization, reviews and ratings, negative review management, social media, appointment reminders and online scheduling, email marketing, call recording and call analysis, and an ROI tracker so you know what marketing spends are working.

MMG Fusion



MyRay Hyperion X5

Cefla Medical Solutions’ MyRay Hyperion X5 has cleared the FDA approval process, making it available to dental customers in the United States. The Hyperion X5 is said to be the first-ever wall-mounted panoramic imaging system and reportedly has the distinction of being the smallest pan unit ever available in the market. With an ultra-simple user interface, the X5 reportedly achieves up to 15 high-definition 2D projections in just a few simple steps. Installation is designed to be astonishingly quick with minimal time and cost.


+39 0542 653441




The new NobelZygoma implants anchor in zygomatic bone and provide an option for treating severe maxillary resorption without bone grafts. They have an unthreaded implant body designed to interface with soft tissue. Parts of the implant body can be located outside of the maxillary sinus. It offers a broad choice of prosthetic options and reportedly dramatically shortens time-to-teeth, and allows patients with severely resorbed maxillae to return to a normal quality of life. The procedure avoids complex bone grafting and the implants are said to deliver optimal survival rates.

Nobel Biocare




Power toothbrush with Bluetooth connectivity

Designed to help patients brush their very best, the Oral-B® GENIUS™ Professional Exclusive Power® Toothbrush with Bluetooth Connectivity features the world’s first Position Detection technology, available in the Oral-B® app. This combines cutting-edge motion sensor technology located in the brush, and video recognition using the smartphone’s camera to read patients’ brushing position and track areas that patients brush so that no zone is missed. Patients receive instant feedback on their brushing of each zone of their mouth via the app and a brushing score to keep them motivated. Personalize the brushing experience for your patients, helping them brush for the recommended two minutes and encouraging them to focus brushing on the most important areas.

Crest + Oral-B







EyeZoom Mini

Orascoptic™ introduced EyeZoom™ Mini, a loupe that employs two-step variable magnification technology between 2.5x and 3.5x power. The second loupe launched under the EyeZoom moniker, EyeZoom Mini invites the user to zoom in to view finer details and zoom out for a wider field of view. By bringing the operating site closer and into focus, the loupe is designed to help improve one’s speed and efficiency in the operatory, while reducing interruptions in the flow of patient care. With a consistent working distance at each magnification level, the loupe helps reduce the need to reposition when switching between magnification levels. This patent-pending design was co-engineered by Orascoptic and Konica Minolta®. The EyeZoom Mini is available on Orascoptic’s Legend™, Rave™, Rydon™ and Victory™ frames. The loupe is available in a through-the-lens (TTL) configuration.






Planmeca unveiled its new PlanScan with optional color capability and optimized scanning speed in the latest software update: PlanCAD 5.7. When activated for color, PlanScan reportedly gives dental professionals a new tool to accurately capture and visualize the oral environment in full color and boasts increased speed for the ultimate in chairside productivity.

Read more: Are digital impressions REALLY the better choice?





CEREC Zirconia

CEREC Zirconia, an all-ceramic substitute for the traditional PFM (porcelain fused to metal), and the CEREC SpeedFire furnace have joined the family of Sirona products and technology. CEREC now provides a completely new process in the dental practice: Combining the new CEREC SpeedFire furnace and CEREC Zirconia material, dentists can now deliver full contour crowns and small bridges made of the full-strength, high-quality zirconium oxide in a single visit.

Dentsply Sirona





Shofu announced it has extended its BurButler product line, the silicone bur block that grips all burs securely in place, eliminating the risk of spilling. To meet varied clinicians’ and laboratory technicians’ preferences, BurButler now includes a five-, 10- and 25-hole base configuration. The 25-hole base features the option of a standard or a tall clear lid. Mix and match FG, CA, HP (tall lid only) and short shank burs to suit your clinical or laboratory needs.

Shofu Dental Corporation




Beautifil II

Beautifil II Gingiva and Enamel resin composite is described as a new line of fluoride-releasing, bioactive, nanohybrid restorative materials in pink and white shades. The new Beautifil II shade modules are highly filled, demonstrate optimal flexural and compressive strength, and are said to maintain exceptional color stability before and after curing, exhibit high luster and, similarly to the original Beautifil II, offer clinically vetted Giomer benefits-the ability to release and recharge fluoride, inhibit plaque build-up and neutralize acids.

Shofu Dental Corporation


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