The Top 5 Techniques of 2017


Taking a look at the most popular how-to articles from this year.

Here at DPR, how-to articles and techniques are our bread and butter. They are consistently the most-read articles among our readers - and for good reason. These articles showcase how various products and tools can be used in real-life situations.

This year, you, our readers, were interested in learning more about pulp capping, placing porcelain veneers and simplifying interproximal reduction, among other topics. We hope these articles give you the knowledge you need to provide the best patient care, and we’re looking forward to bringing you even more how-tos and techniques in 2018.

How to use TheraCal LC® for direct and indirect pulp capping

In this step-by-step, one clinician explores the benefits of BISCO’s light-cured, flowable, resin-modified, calcium silicate-filled liner for indirect pulp capping.

To read the full how-to, click here.


How to place porcelain veneers with minimal preparation

In this esthetic technique by Dr. Ross Nash, he outlines the treatment process for a patient who was unhappy with the whiteness of her teeth and opted for porcelain veneers.

To read the full how-to, click here.

How to simplify interproximal reduction

In this article, Kyle Fagala, DDS, MDS, demonstrates how to use rotary discs for interproximal reduction procedures to ensure the best possible orthodontic outcome.

To read the full how-to, click here.

How to perform rapid tooth reduction with diamond instruments

Learn how Deep Purple™ diamonds from Komet USA can provide ultra-fast, effective removal of tooth structure, in this case exploring crown preparation for high-strength ceramics.

To read the full how-to, click here.

How to efficiently place a cemented implant crown

Dr. Ross Nash demonstrates a more efficient technique for achieving a clean and well-sealed cemented implant crown.

To read the full how-to, click here.

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