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The Top 25 most-viewed products of 2015

Dental Lab ProductsDental Lab Products December 2015
Volume 40
Issue 11

Dental Lab Products looks at the most-viewed products of 2015, via numbers taken from its website.

The past 12 months seem like a whirlwind in retrospect. In a year that included all the usual product tradeshows PLUS an International Dental Show in Cologne, Germany, 2015 brought a slew of new innovations. From cutting-edge 3D printing solutions to new software to new milling options, this year brought new solutions to the dental lab that will change the industry for years to come.

So here are the top products of 2015 as determined by our lab readers! As always, these were compiled based on page views on our website, DLPMagazine.com. We promise to continue to bring you the product news that will help you do your job better even as the benchtop grows more and more digitized. Click the button below and learn what were some of the biggest releases of 2015!

D2000 scanner

3Shape unveiled a totally new digital dentistry scanning solution at the International Dental Show in Cologne, Germany. The D2000 is designed to have improved accuracy and multiline scanning, a breakthrough scan technology that has been shown in trials to increase scanning speeds by upwards of 30 percent. 


908-867-0144 | 3shapedental.com

Pekkton high performance polymer 

Pekkton from Cendres + Metaux SA is a high performance polymer (HPP) with reportedly 80 percent higher compressive strength than PEEK polymer. Pekkton can be milled, like PEEK, but also pressed, reportedly making it the first HPP most labs are able to process in-house. Labs are said to be able to use this ivory polymer to create lightweight, resilient frames and substructures for ceramic, e.max, acrylic and composite. 

anaxdent North America

877-897-6598 | anaxdentusa.com 

High noble SLM options 

High noble selective laser melted (SLM) substructures are manufactured from Argen’s Argedent Euro, an economical, high noble white gold alloy containing 40 percent gold. Benefits of SLM substructures reportedly include better fit, consistent results, increased productivity and competitive pricing. Dental laboratories submit STL files to argendigital.com and receive high noble SLM single-unit crowns to six-unit bridges in only two business days.


800-255-5524 | argendigital.com

Aurident-Manix MA-4 mill 

Aurident-Manix MA-4 is a heavy-duty four-axis industrial milling machine optimized for the manufacture of titanium custom abutments at an economical price. Titanium cylinders are used to mill abutments in a specially designed holder that allows fast interchange. The MA-4 mill automatically changes up to three tools and is engineered with a precise z-axis height sensor to indicate tool wear. High quality components reportedly are used in the engineering and manufacture of the mill, including a single-speed spindle with a 30,000-hour warranty. Finished abutments can be milled in 15 to 25 minutes. A cutting liquid recirculating system, CAM software and a large abutment library are included with the mill. 


800-422-7373 | aurident.com

Varseo 3D printer

BEGO’s Varseo 3D printing system offers eight different high performance resins that can be changed from one job to the next in less than 30 seconds. Varseo is designed to produce highly accurate splints, surgical guides, CAD/cast partial frames, C&B patterns, as well as custom impression trays. Indications were also scheduled to be expanded to include denture bases, models and temporary crowns and bridges. The printer accepts any STL file and comes standard with 3Shape CAMbridge software for support positioning and nesting. Varseo is said to offer excellent building speed, high accuracy, a user-friendly display and a cartridge system that allows the material to be changed in seconds. 


800-342-2346 | begousa.com

Printable denture base

The FDA officially approved a 510(k) for the use of DENTCA’s new 3D printable material as a denture base. The material is a light-cured resin indicated for the fabrication and repair of full and partial removable dentures and baseplates that is said to eventually replace traditional heat-cured and auto polymerizing conventional denture-making methods.  


323-232-7505 | dentca.com

CS 3500 intraoral scanner 

With the CS 3500 intraoral scanner, clinicians can scan patients’ teeth directly to acquire true-color, 3D images. It offers high angulation scanning of up to 45 degrees and a depth of 16 mm. The scanner features a light guidance system that navigates users through the image acquisition process. With the ability to instantly generate STL files, it lets clinicians own their data and send impressions to labs with no fees. It is also said to be a more pleasant experience for patients.  

Carestream Dental

800-944-6365 | carestreamdental.com

cubeX2 zirconia 

DAL DT Technologies offers the cubeX2 cubic zirconia. Manufactured by Dental Direkt of Germany, cubeX2 cubic zirconia is reportedly a material breakthrough for technicians who are searching for esthetics combined with material excellence. This highly biocompatible cubic zirconia combines the strength of zirconia (720 MPas) and the translucency of lithium disilicate into a material that is indicated for single tooth and three-unit bridgework for any position in the arch. The discs are available in 98.5 mm diameter size.  

DAL DT Technologies

888-894-2148 | daltechsystems.com

DWOS 5.0 

Dental Wings has released the latest version of its software, Version 5.0. There are new features and several improvements, in addition to bug fixes. ETI’s Digital Technology’s technical team reportedly has tested and validated the new features of DWOS Version 5.0 and, according to a press release, the team finds it more efficient with faster scanning and calculation times and better proposals. Reported new features include pontic shapes, natural connectors when anatomies are in contact and much more. Improvements to the software include scanning improvements, full-denture options, solutions for implants and bars and 3D PDF output.  

ETI Digital Technology

714-238-1490 | etidigitaltechnology.com

BruxZir™ for CEREC® and inLab® 

Glidewell Laboratories announced the release of BruxZir™ Shaded 16 blocks compatible with CEREC® and inLab® MC XL milling machines, the dental CAD/CAM solutions from Sirona Dental Systems, Inc. The blocks, available in both 20x19 and 40x19 sizes, are to be distributed exclusively by Henry Schein, Inc. BruxZir™ Shaded 16, the series of preshaded zirconia blocks matching all 16 VITA Classical shades, is an iteration of the BruxZir™ Solid Zirconia line. Reportedly known for its superior strength and unique vital translucence, the addition of inLab®-compatible BruxZir™ Shaded 16 blocks to the BruxZir portfolio is said to deliver consistency and complete shade penetration to dental technicians implementing Sirona’s CEREC® and MC XL milling machines.  

Glidewell Laboratories

888-854-7256 | glidewelldental.com


By enabling the digital production of monolithic zirconia crowns and bridges, CloudPoint™ from Glidewell Laboratories reportedly offers dental labs the most affordable means of providing the CAD/CAM-produced restorations doctors demand. CloudPoint is a complete one-stop solution, unlocking a digital portal through which cases can be scanned, designed, managed and produced. Benefits include a high resolution scanner, digital design options and potential outsourcing to Glidewell’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. Users are able to log in to the portal from any Internet-connected device to see the real-time statuses of cases and orchestrate adjustments as necessary. Cases can be immediately digitized and sent to the cloud from where they can be managed and distributed to Internet-connected CAD/CAM equipment. 

Glidewell Laboratories

888-854-7256 | cloudpoint.com

IPS e.max Press MT 

Ivoclar Vivadent extends the range of press ingots to include a new level of translucency. The IPS e.max Press MT are monochromatic ingots of the medium translucency range. They consist of the tried-and-tested lithium disilicate glass-ceramic material and are said to ensure clinical long-term success and flexibility during cementation. The IPS e.max Press MT ingots replace the existing IPS e.max Press Impulse Value ingots. The IPS e.max Press Impulse Opal ingots are not affected by this change and will remain part of the range.  

Ivoclar Vivadent

800-533-6825 | ivoclarvivadent.com

Anti-snoring device 

Panthera Dental received 510(k) clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to market the Panthera anti-snoring device. This product is a removable intraoral device used for treating snoring and mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea. It consists of two custom-fabricated splints that fit separately over the upper and lower teeth and engage by means of adjustable rods. The device functions as a mandibular repositioner, maintaining the lower jaw in a forward position during sleep. 

Panthera Dental

855-233-0388 | pantheradental.com

Zirconia bar 

Panthera Dental’s zirconia bar is designed with innovation in mind. Featuring screwed attachments, labs can request a “wrap-around” or a “milled” shape, or lab technicians can request a zirconia bar of their own design. All zirconia bars are fitted with titanium screw bases, and there are two ionized finish choices of gold and pink. Additionally, the bar itself comes in three shades of pink in addition to traditional white. This solution from Panthera is engineered to combine the advantages provided by zirconia with the technology of a screw-attached bar.  

Panthera Dental

855-233-0388 | pantheradental.com

Objet Eden260VS Dental Advantage 3D printer 

The Objet Eden260VS Dental Advantage 3D printer from Stratasys reportedly enables faster and more cost-effective production of dental parts with delicate features and fine details. The printer is compatible with all Stratasys dental materials. The Objet Eden260VS Dental Advantage adds a soluble support mode previously unavailable on PolyJet dental solutions. Additional benefits include automated support removal, which is said to provide further advantages for dental labs by enabling lower labor cost per part. In addition, users have the ability to switch between soluble and water jet modes to balance low-cost automation with the occasional need for hands-on support removal.


800-801-6491 | stratasys.com/dental

VeroGlaze update 

Stratasys’ dental material, VeroGlaze, now meets the requirements of a biocompatible photopolymer. This material is said to be ideal for applications requiring short-term, mucosal-membrane contact of up to 24 hours, enabling dental labs to use VeroGlaze to create veneer try-ins in the precise A2 teeth color shade.  


800-801-6491 | stratasys.com/dental

DWX-4W dental mill 

Roland DGA Corporation has a new wet milling dental machine, the DWX-4W. The machine’s wet-milling capability allows labs to process different materials, simultaneously and without a changeover, reportedly saving time, effort and money. The DWX-4W cuts precision crowns, bridges, inlays and onlays and veneers. Simultaneous four-axis milling and other special features provide unattended milling, and up to three standard pin-type blocks can be loaded for increased efficiency. 

Roland DGA

800-542-2307 | rolanddga.com

MC X5 dental mill 

A five-axis milling and grinding unit, the inLab MC X5 is equipped to process the widest variety of material discs and blocks while reportedly seamlessly switching between both wet and dry functions. The product uses durable carbide cutters and diamond grinders for remarkably precise milling and grinding. The unit is equipped to handle all standardized discs with a diameter of 98.5 millimeters and a height of up to 30 millimeters. In addition to milling discs, a specially designed multiblock holder can be loaded with up to six different material blocks.  


718-482-2011 | sironausa.com

CARES® X-Stream

Straumann’s CARES® X-Stream, the efficiency-driven solution that is designed to deliver all the prosthetic components necessary for a final restoration from only one scan and design procedure, is available for bars and bridges in conjunction with the Variobase® coping on bone-level, screw-retained abutments. This approach is said to save time and money for labs that are looking to compete more effectively in today’s cost and time-conscious market. 


800-448-8168 | straumann.us

JP90 handheld injector

The JP90 Handheld Injector was designed to work in conjunction with the TCS Digital Furnace (or similar furnace) to inject thermoplastic clasps, unilaterals and up to five consecutive tooth saddle/partials. Using this hand-held injector is said to completely eliminate the need to flask the case using the traditional method, reportedly saving you time and money. 


866-426-2970 | tcsdentalinc.com

Platinum 3D

Valplast International Corporation revealed its solution to bring digital dentures to existing CAD/CAM users. Platinum 3D from Valplast is a product line featuring the Platinum Series brand of denture tooth by Valplast, a multilayered, nanofilled PMMA denture tooth. A digital library of 3D tooth models will be made available to all Platinum 3D denture tooth customers. Platinum 3D is available in a completely open architecture format compatible with any open scanner and CAD for full dentures and no licensing fees. 


516-442-3923 | valplast.com

VITA Easyshade V 

The VITA Easyshade V features an ergonomic design and a user-oriented operating concept, which is said to be enhanced by an intuitive touchscreen color LED display. The durable and long-lasting battery can be charged wirelessly through an inductive charging base. The VITA Easyshade V is engineered to give both dentists and technicians complete shade control, from the determination of tooth shade to the final restoration. This new generation of Easyshade verifies fabricated restorations as early as after initial firing and provides tips on possible optimization measures for achieving the target tooth shade. The software allows users to instantly prescribe VITA Classical A1-D4 and VITA 3D-Master shades at the push of a button. The VITA Assist software and app allows for the combination of Easyshade V shade data via Bluetooth with a patient photo for better shade communication between dentist and technician. 

VITA North America

800-828-3839 | vitanorthamerica.com

KATANA™ zirconia shades 

KATANA™ Zirconia ML Discs reportedly are the first gradational multilayered, high performance zirconia blanks in the dental industry and are available in new shades. This polychrome zirconia disc consists of four precolored layers showing smooth enamel, dentin and cervical color shifts. With the new addition of C Light, D Light and A White, dental labs can now achieve all VITA shade ranges. With the additional shades, 98 percent of shade matching is now easily achieved when using KATANA zirconia. KATANA Zirconia ML and HT are said to be esthetic, durable, innovative and inherently cost-effective and time-saving. 

Zahn Dental

631-843-5500 | zahndental.com

Prettau® Anterior

Prettau® Anterior is a highly biocompatible zirconia material from Zirkonzahn. Due to its high translucency, it is reportedly ideally suited for use in the anterior tooth region. Moreover, it is also appropriate for use in the posterior tooth region. Prettau® Anterior can be used for partial and single crowns, inlays, onlays, veneers and bridges (with a maximum of three elements). According to a test procedure for determining the flexural strength, carried out at the University of Pennsylvania, Prettau® Anterior has been able to achieve a value of 670 MPa. Contrary to glass ceramics, it distinguishes itself not only through higher bending strength but also through its processing method because neither water cooling nor diamond drills are required. The material is milled dry and with common zirconia burs. Prettau® Anterior is also engineered to be highly translucent and esthetic.


800-989-8931 | zirkonzahn.com

Mihm Vogt TABEO furnace

The TABEO furnace from Mihm Vogt features a compact design with a small space requirement. It has a capacity for a sintering bowl Ø 100 mm (approximately 20 single crowns). The freely selectable programs simplify usage and allow all sintering functions for standard sintering programs. The electronic door lock prevents premature opening, and the door hinge can be oriented to the right or left.

Zubler USA

770-921-2131 | zubler-usa.com

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