ToothShower releases version 2.0

ToothShower has announced the launch of the next-generation product, ToothShower 2.0. 

ToothShower is reportedly the first water flossing suite for and powered by the shower without the need for batteries or electricity. ToothShower includes a suite of patented accessories for cleaning teeth and gums and was invented to improve oral hygiene compliance.

ToothShower 2.0 will include new features, such as an ergonomically designed open-air handle, magnetic-assisted cradle for the handle and easy-to-use comfort pressure, and diverter valves. 

The ADA recommends interdental cleaning devices, including water flossers, to clean between the teeth where toothbrush cleaning misses food and bacteria. Lisa Guenst, inventor and CEO of ToothShower, added two accessory tips for water flossing, offering a total of seven different accessories. The dual-headed toothbrush is designed to hit both the front, back, and chewing surfaces of the teeth. It is said to irrigate while brushing, which allows the user to brush and flush plaque away.

"I wanted to create something that my patients would use, which is how I came up with ToothShower. It's easy to use, stays in the shower, and eliminates the problem of space and mess associated with most water flossers on the market today," Guenst said. 

The gum massager works with seven jets of water to massage the gums while flushing. It’s also designed to fit around braces. The irrigating tip is standard with each ToothShower appliance.

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