Toothpaste that will make you think Twice about oral hygiene

Brothers Julian and Cody Levine and co-founder musician Lenny Kravitz have made it their mission to help people discover the power of a smile.

Twice Toothpaste is changing toothpaste and giving back in the process. Brothers Julian and Cody Levine and co-founder musician Lenny Kravitz have made it their mission to help people discover the power of a smile.

Twice, which gets its name from the recommended number of times we should be brushing each day, is entirely vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, and does not practice animal testing or cruelty. It uses only effective ingredients to help whiten, protect against sensitivity, prevent painful cavities, and strengthen enamel. It doesn’t use any unnecessary harmful ingredients, but instead includes antioxidant vitamins and botanical extracts to soothe gums and create a healthy environment.

Currently, Twice offers a morning paste, Early Bird, and an evening paste, Twilight, which are available separately or as a pack. The products are priced at $6.99 for a single tube, $13.98 for the Duo pack.

The Twice journey started in 2015 when the Levine brothers and Kravitz traveled to Kravitz’s hometown, Eleuthera, Bahamas. Joined by a team of dental professionals, it was their mission to provide free full-service oral care to a community where many don’t have access to oral hygiene.

“People on the island where I come from are always smiling and naturally so warm. However, as a result of the lack of proper dental care and oral hygiene available to them, they can be hindered by their smiles and often in pain,” Kravitz said. “Unfortunately, this prevents them from living the life they are meant to. With Twice, we can help give everyone the confidence to smile again.“

The trip was sponsored by Kravitz’s Let Love Rule Foundation and the GLO Good Foundation, an organization dedicated to providing health services, supplies, and education to communities in need—started by the brothers’ parents, Dr. Jonathan Levine, a dental specialist in New York, and Stacey Levine, a branding a retail expert.

“When we all went on our first dental mission in 2015 and saw the power of a smile, and of dentistry, it changed my life. We created Twice for two simple reasons - to improve toothpaste in every way and to continue to provide real dental care to people in need,” Julian Levine said.

With every purchase, Twice is committing 10% of profits to fund more missions to Eleuthera and around the world in partnership with the GLO Good Foundation.

“A smile isn’t just something you see, it’s also something you feel. This brand was born out of purpose - not only seeing how a smile can change someone’s life but truly feeling it,” Cody Levine added. “A confident smile is a powerful tool and something that everyone has inside of them. That’s why we’re committed to helping everyone find confidence in their smile.”

Twice is available at CVS Pharamacies across the country. For more information, visit