Tokuyama's innovative dental products solve problems beyond the one-stop-shop approach

Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report-2012-08-01, Issue 8

A Q&A with Tokuyama Dental America Inc. Director of Marketing Phillip R. Pasit.

A Q&A with Tokuyama Dental America Inc. Director of Marketing Phillip R. Pasit.

Q: Tokuyama is one of those companies that has flown under the radar while delivering amazing results. As you celebrate 95 years as a company, what are your plans for increasing your profile?
PRP: Tokuyama is a thoroughly unique company, characterized by technology, rather than pursuing scale. We concentrate on the creation of superior products rather than focusing on the one-stop-shop approach. Customers who know our products love us and recognize how we improve their lives, and the lives of their patients. Tokuyama will increase our profile within the dental community by continuing to provide innovative products.

In upcoming months, we will deploy our corporate video, develop a new catalogue, and create a more customer-friendly website. We are also creating an educational curriculum by partnering with skilled Key Opinion Leaders. Our goal is to provide a consultative approach to our technology, and encourage the dental community to believe in us, trust us, and partner with us.

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Q: The Tokuyama tagline is “innovating tomorrow’s dentistry, today.” How do you determine what aspects of dental materials or processes require your innovative expertise?
PRP: Listening and responding to the voice-of-the-customer is the core of transforming customer experience. Dentists know their business pains, but it’s Tokuyama’s responsibility to discover obstacles that are deeper than surface level. Through this process, we use our expertise to develop innovative solutions that solve complex business issues.

Q: How do your R&D experts give you an edge in the marketplace?
PRP: Tokuyama’s R&D philosophy is balanced between long, medium, and short-term perspectives. Tokuyama is dedicated to delivering unique products, as quickly as possible. We are focused on superior differentiation, rather than developing “me too” products. In addition, our researchers are committed to repetitive testing to ensure that our products are high-quality, long-lasting and durable.  

Q: The patient is, in many ways, the “end user” of any dental product. How are Tokuyama products designed to meet patient needs?
PRP: Tokuyama products are rigorously tested through our R&D centers, as well as independent facilities. Providing ease-of-use for the dental professional, Tokuyama ensures that our products provide a safe and effective long-term solution for the patient. Furthermore, our products are also evaluated in-vivo, and feedback is acquired through actual patient use. Our commitment is to develop quality products, that are reliable for patients and efficient for clinicians.


Estelite Flow Quick® and Estelite Flow Quick® High Flow
These universal supra-nano filled flowable resin composites offer a choice of two optimal flowabilities, superior esthetics, ideal handling, and excellent gloss and polishability, all in one system.



ofreliner Tough®
An addition-cured silicone material for relining dentures on patients that require relief on upper or lower, partial or full dentures. With superb stain resistance, adhesion to the denture, and tear resistance, it ensures patient satisfaction for up to 24 months. Available in two levels of comfort: Soft and Medium.

Bond Force®
A 7th generation single component, self-etching bonding agent. With the patented SR monomer, Bond Force creates a 3D link to the tooth generating an extremely strong bond to enamel and dentin. Available in bottle, unit dose, and a new pen delivery system.


Estelite ?mega®
An elite universal, 100% spherically filled supra-nano composite with a filler weight of 82% (78% volume). Crafted to be used with the next stage in restorations, and developed in collaboration with Dr. Newton Fahl, Jr., this is the only composite you will need to perform the latest in layering techniques.


Rebase II
A chairside hard denture reline material that offers better polishability, lower heat generation for in-mouth curing, higher mechanical strengths, improved handling and less odor/taste. Indicated for hard denture relining and partial denture repairs, it cures in 4min 30sec intraorally.


Estelite ∑ Quick®
Supra-nano filled universal composite indicated for anterior and posterior restorations. Utilizing 100% spherical filler technology, Estelite ∑ Quick offers extreme initial gloss, excellent long-term polish retention, and low composite wear over time. One shade invisibly blends into its surroundings with up to 10 shades.