Thommen Medical USA announces ROE Dental Lab as authorized milling center

Thommen Medical USA, a leading Swiss manufacturer of dental implant solutions, announces ROE Dental Lab as an authorized milling center for the Thommen Implant System in North America. ROE has successfully completed the validation process and installed the specific mill and holder required to offer Thommen’s premium custom abutments. A full range of products including surgical guides and custom abutments are now available through this partnership.

“We are extremely excited to partner with ROE Dental Lab to deliver a seamless digital workflow and expand the footprint of our premium offering,” says Scott Root, president of Thommen Medical USA. He continued, “With our collaborative efforts, we can provide the market with patient specific parts through their preferred digital workflow.” 

Thommen Medical and ROE Dental Lab are excited by this partnership as it opens up new opportunities for the dental industry and reinforces both companies’ commitment to digital dentistry, the latest materials and workflows available in the industry today. “We are excited to be providing high quality patient specific parts for Thommen’s premium line of dental implants,” claims BJ Kowalski, president of ROE Dental Lab.

Thommen Medical is a Swiss designer and manufacturer of dental implant systems with a unique reputation for Swiss precision, innovation and functional design. The company develops high-quality solutions to satisfy customers' high standards for safety, esthetics and sophistication. Thommen Medical’s global headquarters is located in Grenchen, Switzerland. Thommen Medical USA is located in Cleveland, Ohio.

ROE Dental Laboratory is a full-service modern laboratory that has partnered with the dental community since 1926. ROE integrates innovative technology and manufacturing processes with the most up-to-date dental science to develop dental products that exceed the expectations of dentists nationwide. ROE Dental Laboratory has three locations with its headquarters located in Independence, Ohio.