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Teeth as a weapon

Issue 10

In his new book, Teeth in Mortal Combat: How to Unleash your Basic Instinct for Survival, Dr. Sawicki argues that enhancing the Qi, or life energy, of the mouth may boost jawbone mineral density, increase blood flow to the brain and improve overall balance and muscular strength.

In his new book, Teeth in Mortal Combat: How to Unleash your Basic Instinct for Survival, Dr. Sawicki argues that enhancing the Qi, or life energy, of the mouth may boost jawbone mineral density, increase blood flow to the brain and improve overall balance and muscular strength. This idea of strength and the purpose of the mouth in relation to the rest of the body’s survival has been neglected over the years, which is something he hopes to raise awareness of with his book. 

We recently talked with Dr. Sawicki about his book and the role teeth play in activating primitive instincts. Here’s what he had to say.

DPR: Can you tell me a little about your new book and why you think it’s important for dental professionals to read?

Dr. Lester Sawicki: Through my practices of dentistry and martial arts I discovered compelling evidence regarding the vital importance of teeth to human survival, and learned that by strengthening the Qi (vital life force) of the oral cavity one can significantly boost jawbone mineral density, protect teeth from occlusal stress fractures, restore and enhance periodontal health, alleviate TMJ dysfunction, increase blood flow to the brain, improve overall body balance and muscular strength, and accelerate thought processes. Training the teeth, tongue and jaw increases salivary flow, which releases a surge of insulin thereby increasing heart rate and sending glucose and oxygen to the brain to help us learn faster and retain information longer. Cerebrospinal fluid flow to the prefrontal cortex is facilitated, thereby strengthening the body’s natural protection against addictions.

The mouth remains a potent, albeit unused, weapon of self-defense today. It is a reservoir of powerful Qi that can be used to access and strengthen the body’s chakras (vital energy centers) to ensure a long, healthy and prosperous life. Teeth in Mortal Combat: How to Unleash your Basic Instinct for Survival illuminates the importance of teeth not only as a weapon, but as a key to boosting one’s overall health and fitness as well as understanding our place in the cosmos.

I believe this information is invaluable to dentists. As the future “Masters of Holistic Health,” we can use our levelheaded common sense and influence to instruct our patients-both young and old-on the value of maintaining and enhancing tooth function beyond ordinary use into the realm of the extraordinary: 32 precious pearls of life that immeasurably affect one’s happiness and enable the fulfillment of one’s destiny.     

DPR: How can dentists incorporate some of the concepts and exercises in the book into their practice? What is the benefit to their patients?

Dr. Lester Sawicki: An ever-increasing number of dentists are becoming concerned that current dental marketing oversells the simplistic and often unrealistic nature of cosmetic dentistry: artificially whitened teeth are essential to creating the sexually attractive smile that makes all dreams come true. This marketing conceit completely overshadows the notion of any real connection between strong, functional teeth and one’s overall health and longevity.

Modern science is just now catching up to the ancient understanding of this link between a healthy oral cavity and general health and longevity. The knowledge that the teeth are joined to vital organs by way of the energy channels (internal pathways of Qi) has been known for thousands of years. Likewise, the self-healing properties of the teeth were known to the ancients. And the awareness that it is possible to energetically strengthen the teeth, tongue and jaw beyond what is considered normal is thousands of years old.

The energy exercises revealed in my book are most appropriately taught and experienced outside of the traditional model of dental care in a peaceful, meditative environment away from stress-inducing dental offices. Of course the most effective way for dentists to enrich the lives of their patients is to focus on our specialty-restoration of the oral cavity-and also to be a living testament to the value of maintaining and strengthening the teeth, tongue and jaw.  

Patients need to be willing to commit a small amount of personal time each day to these exercises. Five or 10 additional minutes tacked on to one’s daily exercise regimen is not too much for most people. A few of the exercises are simple enough for people to learn from the book, but there are, of course, advantages to personal instruction.

I had an interesting experience a short time after I began this training. By merely visualizing the act of chewing gum, I was able to ‘feel’ the chewy resistance of the gum and the accompanying salivary secretions. My focus improved, breathing became fuller and deeper, and I felt simultaneously relaxed and revitalized.

This through-the-looking-glass awareness and tactile familiarity with the structures within the oral cavity led me to a humbling respect for the teeth, tongue and jaw and their relation to me in my roles as human, martial artist and dentist.

DPR: How long have you been practicing martial arts? How did you get interested in it?

Dr. Lester Sawicki: A dental school classmate invited me to join his evening kung fu exercise program. Later he suggested I come to his Tai Chi Master’s introductory seminar where I witnessed physical and energetic feats way beyond my normal awareness and experience. That was more than 30 years ago and I’m still enthusiastically searching for and studying new theories of personal development.

DPR: Is there anything else you’d like to mention that we haven’t talked about yet?

Dr. Lester Sawicki: One of the best places to begin personal instruction in teeth training is with the “I-Fit 150” organization. You can contact them to see if their fun loving classes are offered in your city.

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