Team communication tips: How to reframe accountability

Issue 7

Whenever I ask a team “If you were doing something that was holding your team back, would you want ..."

Whenever I ask a team “If you were doing something that was holding your team back, would you want ..."

A) Someone to tell you about it?

B) Your coworkers to talk behind your back?

C) Your coworkers to go to your doctor to report on you?

They ALWAYS, ALWAYS answer "A" -- I’d want someone to tell me.

If we’d want it for ourselves, we must be willing to give that level of support to each other, right?



I think one of the simplest changes you can make in your office that can have the greatest impact is to reframe accountability for your team. 

Reframe it as a Gift You Give Each Other. Remember teams always say that’s what you truly want, so let’s honor each other’s wishes.

Any of us that have been involved in sports teams or watched our children on these teams, know that a great coach doesn’t ride the weakest players, they push those with the most talent so they can realize their potential.  Holding someone to a higher standard is a sign of respect and confidence that a person has the talent, skill, and the ability to be better.

Remember leadership doesn’t just come from the top down. Every day each of you has the opportunity to lead one another. The best team members crave accountability; they want the recognition and the appreciation for their great results.

There’s an old adage: “You Don’t Get What You Expect … You Get What You Accept” 

We each need to step up, stop accepting less, and stop settling for good enough. Success is a choice that each of us gets to make.  As a team, it’s a choice you need to make together as you put a solid action plan in place.

You’ll be amazed at what your team can come up with when you start with a clean slate and give everyone a voice in a Strategic Planning process. You’ve heard it before: Most people don’t plan to fail – they fail to plan.  Systems alone don’t achieve great results – it takes a synergy between the systems and the people.

It takes a strategic plan. And when that synergy happens it creates a triple win for the patients, the team and the practice.  It turns success into significance.  That takes us full circle back to what each of us really wants in life … to make a difference for those around us. It also makes for a fun work environment for everyone, except the pink elephants in the room, of course … they’ll be moving on…

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