Make sure patients know exactly what to expect after treatment

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Getting patients to accept treatment is difficult enough. Don’t make them regret that they did.

Getting patients to accept treatment is difficult enough. Don’t make them regret that they did.

You want patients to accept the treatment they need to maintain healthy, beautiful smiles, but you don’t want patients to walk out of your practice irritated because they’re experiencing side effects you never mentioned.

If there’s a chance patients might experience sensitivity or any kind of discomfort after a procedure, let them know upfront. This may make them hesitant to go forward, but if you provide the proper education and explain the long-term benefits of the procedure and the risks of not going forward, you’re still likely to get your yes.
Not mentioning the potential pains that come with treatment will make patients leery of going forward with future treatment-and maybe even looking for another dentist.
And don’t wait until right before the procedure to warn them of that sensitivity they might experience with whitening, or that after this procedure they won’t be able to eat solid foods for a few days. Patients need to be able to plan around these inconveniences, but if they don’t know upfront that can’t happen.
Your relationship with your patients should be a partnership built on trust, and that means telling them exactly what to expect with treatment-the good and the bad. Your patients will appreciate that you took the time to prepare them, and they’ll be more focused on the results than the unexpected inconveniences the treatment caused.
Your patients are your practice. Without them, where would you be? You have to know the best ways to attract them to your practice, get them to accept treatment and make them happy, life-long patients.

That’s where we can help. Check back regularly for tips on how to keep your patients happy, healthy and loyal.

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