TBS Dental to Launch REGEN Bone and Tissue Regeneration Products


This new line of products from TBS Dental aims for stability, usability, and handling in dental bone and tissue regeneration.

TBS Dental to Launch REGEN Bone and Tissue Regeneration Products. Image credit: © TBS Dental

TBS Dental to Launch REGEN Bone and Tissue Regeneration Products. Image credit: © TBS Dental

TBS Dental has announced the launch of its latest set of materials–REGEN. REGEN is a collection of regenerative bone and membrane materials. Aiding in socket preservation and soft tissue regeneration, REGEN aims to provide a regenerative solution for dental professionals all in one package, according to a press release from the company.

First, a syringe applicator will house TBS Allograft Bone, providing an ergonomic and precise applicator for placement of the mineralized cortico-cancellous bone particulate. This reportedly works well in the posterior region with its micro-perforated cap and precise syringe form. Also included in the REGEN line is TBS Allograft Powder, which harnesses the cortico-cancellous 50/50 blend of particulate supports for the regeneration of bone. This blend is also said to provide an osteoconductive scaffold to remodel the host bone.

Finally, REGEN also contains TBS Membrane––which reportedly enables a lower occurrence of soft tissue dehiscence, superior tensile strength, and other attractive features due to its biostructure. It aims for stability and handling without sacrificing qualities that dental professionals may desire, according to user Dr Scott Ganz in the press release.

“It was surprisingly easy to hydrate the bone, directly within the syringe,” Dr Ganz said. “The syringe also provides excellent control to place the bone exactly where you want to. TBS Membrane is extremely pliable, it saturates very well, and has excellent handling characteristics.”

To learn more, visit the website here.

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