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Supply Doc, The Dentists Supply Company announce partnership

April 30, 2020

Dental equipment provider Supply Doc, Inc. and online dental supply company TDSC have partnered to offer supplies and equipment at discounted prices.

Dental equipment provider Supply Doc, Inc. and online dental supply company The Dentists Supply Company (TDSC) have partnered to offer supplies and equipment at discounted prices, both companies announced in a press release this week.

TDSC shoppers already enjoy an average of 20 percent off MSRP on a wide range of supplies and small equipment. Now, TDSC shoppers will benefit from 20-30 percent savings compared to large national suppliers on their large equipment as well.

"Both Supply Doc Inc. and TDSC are focused on utilizing their positions in the market to bring more price transparency in the dental supply and equipment space, which has been largely controlled by a few suppliers," said Amin Amirkhizi, CEO of Supply Doc Inc. "Technological innovation in dental equipment is ubiquitous and is forcing dental practitioners to make more significant capital purchases for their practices. Their choice of vendor up to this point has been restricted to a few providers with an extremely high associated cost. We are now able to use our respective platforms to reduce markups and provide substantial savings to our customers. We believe this is what our dental practitioners deserve, especially in these challenging times.”

Supply Doc Inc.’s discounted offerings on equipment, combined with TDSC’s dental supply savings, enable clinicians to compete with DSOs by lowering overhead and capital costs while utilizing the latest technology, and thus, enhancing the patient experience, the companies’ statement read.

"Supply Doc Inc.'s dedication to delivering high-quality equipment from leading manufacturers at competitive prices aligns with our purpose of delivering value to independent dentists working hard to optimize their overhead cost," said Jim Wiggett, CEO at TDSC. "Now, dentists in California have the freedom to choose TDSC for their supplies without having to worry about how that will impact their large equipment pricing."

Founded in 2008, Supply Doc Inc. is a dental supplies manufacturer and distributor covering an array of products and brands. For more information, visit

The Dentists Supply Company was founded in 2015 as a subsidiary of the California Dental Association. It leverages collective purchasing power to reach better pricing for practices of all sizes. For more information, visit