Suni Medical Imaging discontinues operations

Customers are urged to call Apteryx, Inc. for ongoing support in wake of sudden service discontinuation

As of the beginning of the new year, the on-going operations of Suni Medical Imaging - the brand name for Apteryx’s XrayVision imaging software - has come under question. 

In an effort to clarify the situation, Apteryx released the following statement on January 8th, 2019: 

“It has been rumored that as of January 1, Suni has discontinued operations. Since learning of this news last week, we have reached out to Suni leadership to clarify the situation without a response. In the interest of getting the facts straight, we will continue our efforts to contact Suni directly. However, we feel an immediate obligation to reassure Suni customers that their software and support needs will continue to be met by Apteryx.”

Apteryx leadership also stated that they will be contacting practices wehre XrayVision software was known to have been installed. 

Given that the company does not have direct access to all customers, Suni Medical Imaging customers are invited to call Apteryx at (877) 278-3799, or email, for any immediate support needs and to register for on-going support. 

Customers can also visit for more contact methods. 

“As Suni/ XrayVision customers, please rest assured that you are well positioned to make whatever transitions may be required. Dr. Suni and Prof. Suni, like all Apteryx XrayVision products, are designed as an “open” system meaning that you have plug and play interoperability with other open hardware and software solutions,” says Apteryx officials.