Sumita Mitra, Known for Application of Nanotechnology in Dentistry, Receives European Inventor Award 2021

Chemist Sumita Mitra was honored with the European Inventor Award 2021 for her application of nanotechnology in dentistry.

Sumita Mitra, a chemist known for her application of nanotechnology in dentistry, was awarded with the European Inventor Award 2021 in the “Non-EPO countries” category. The award ceremony was digital and was open to the public.

The European Patent Office (EPO) awarded Mitra for her successful integration of nanotechnology into dental materials to produce strong, esthetic fillings, according to a press release from the EPO. Mitra and her team’s technique of creating linked cluster of nanoparticles led to the clusters combining to create a durable material. After adding pigment and altering chemical compositions, the clusters could be a range of different shades to match teeth.

Mitra’s work with 3M on the patent allowed new generations of material to be developed since the 2002 launch as FiltekSupreme Universal Restorative.

The EPO is presented annually by the EPO to recognize inventors who have made innovative contributions worldwide. To learn more about the European Inventor Award, visit the website here.