Sterngold’s Convenience Bundles designed to make implants easier, more affordable

All-in-1 Dental Implant Bundles deliver with restorative components in one low, flat fee; 3 options offered.

Sterngold’s Convenience Bundles, described as a welcome addition as a value option for the implantologist, are designed to provide an all-in-1 dental implant bundle with restorative components in one low, flat fee.

Every implant case requires prosthetic components to complete. With the cost of dental implants “to replace a single tooth as estimated to be in the range of $3,000 to $4,5001”, it is easy to see why these treatments are sometimes not accepted by the very patients who need them, while also making it challenging for the clinician to manage the final cost.

Sterngold expects the new Convenience Bundles to assist in providing great care for patients while also helping keep costs down. Now, every TRU® conical hex and every PUR® internal hex implant is bundled with 5 restorative components. That’s a total of 6 products at one low, flat fee. The company provides the clinician with ISO quality, US manufactured implants that provide exceptional value.

There are three Convenience Bundles available, starting with the standard “All-in-1”: A TRU® or PUR® Implant plus the clinician’s choice of 5 restorative components as befits an analog or digital case. For an Analog case, the implant is bundled with a Healing Abutment, an Open/Closed Tray Impression Coping, a Straight Abutment, an Analog, and a Prosthetic Screw. For a digital case, the implant is bundled with a Healing Abutment, a Scan Body, a Ti Base, and a Ti Base Prosthetic Screw.

“The Builder” provides a choice of 15, 30, 50, or 100 implants. Each level is said to deliver additional value with a sliding scale set up, where the cost per implant decreases further as the quantity of implants bought increases. Then there’s “The Practice”, a bundle of 15 or 30 implants with the enhanced Surgical Kit. Each implant in “The Builder” and “The Practice” comes with all the 5 restorative components of the “All-in-1”. With this, if the doctor purchases a 15-implant bundle, he/she enjoys 75 sets of restorative components that go with it.

According to the company, value is also derived from the quality—the TRU and PUR implants are “substantially equivalent to the leading conical and screw-vent connection implants in the market.” Also, they’re manufactured in the U.S., feature SGE titanium surface treatment for expedited osseointegration, and are described as economical.

TRU and PUR boasts of an intuitively designed Surgical Kit featuring:

  • A comprehensive, easy drilling sequence, color coded for handpiece and ratchet drivers
  • Crestal and dense bone drills featuring a matte finish for reduced glare with clear depth markings
  • Longer paralleling pins that can double up as depth gauges.

To learn more about TRU and PUR, visit or attend the free CE course series: “Retain It: Solutions for Achieving Surgical & Restorative Success in the Edentulous Mandible” by Dr. Matthew Hallas.

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