The states with the best and worst dental health

A look at the state rankings for the best and worst dental health.

We all know that dental health is of critical importance. But not everyone knows that, and many don’t have access to adequate dental care.

Wallethub’s “2017’s States with the Best & Worst Dental Health”  explores which states have the best oral care, considering factors such as availability of care, amount of care, ental costs and dentists per capita, along with several others. The report provides an overall ranking based on “Dental Habits & Care” and “Oral Health” rankings. These rankings show not only where dental care is the most widely available and utilized, but also where there needs to be significant improvement.

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Minnesota leads the country with a “Dental Habits & Care” rank of 1 and an “Oral Health” rank of 3. West Virginia is ranked last in the country with a “Dental Habits & Care” rank of 33 and an “Oral Health” rank of 51 (Washington D.C. is included in the study) combining to give it the lowest score. The study also provides valuable information on topics such as the percentage of adolescents who visited a dentist in the past year or the lowest and highest treatment costs per state.

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