Stage 3 EHR incentive meaningful use proposal will affect dentists

April 30, 2015
Mike Uretz
Issue 4

A recent proposal for certification requirements for Stage 3 Meaningful Use is meant to address the complexity of the program.

A recent proposal for certification requirements for Stage 3 Meaningful Use is meant to address the complexity of the program.

The Stage 3 requirements are just another indication where things are headed regarding EHRs. There are eight main objectives outlined in the proposal with an emphasis on increasing the exchange of patient information and patient safety. These objectives range from increased security for patient information to patient access to health information.

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This proposal will have a direct affect on how dentists become certified for Stage 3 Meaningful Use funds. The eight objectives are as follows:

Objective 1: Protect patient health information

Objective 2: Electronic prescribing

Objective 3: Clinical decision support

Objective 4: Computerized provider order entry

Objective 5: Patient electronic access to health information

Objective 6: Coordination of care through patient engagement

Objective 7: Health information exchange

Objective 8: Clinical data registry reporting

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This selection of requirements outlined by CMS will have a giant impact on how dentists and other health professionals will secure their Stage 3 Meaningful Use funds moving forward.

Some of these objectives are already covered by some of the more progressive dental software vendors and some with require vendors to enhance or change their programs. With the EHR incentive program it’s always a moving target.

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