SprintRay Announces Partnership with Olympic Gold Medalist Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt will partner with SprintRay to demonstrate a commitment on both parties in expanding quality health care access to those who need it.

SprintRay has announced a five-year partnership with eight-time Olympic gold medalist Usain Bolt. As a part of this partnership, Bolt and SprintRay will collaborate with the Jamaican Dental Association to launch “Bolt Labs, powered by SprintRay.” This is in an effort to establish dental clinics, including 3D dental labs and a mobile unit, to address dental needs for adults and children in Bolt’s home Jamaica.

"I am proud to represent and partner with SprintRay and fellow 'Sprinters,' as we call ourselves. This is a company that is poised to transform the digital dental industry on a global scale," Bolt said in a press release from the company. This initiative is intended to accelerate a very critical and unmet need for improvements in dental care access across the world, starting with Jamaica, where there is less than 1 dentist for every 100,000 residents. I look forward to working with SprintRay to give confidence and the best possible smile to every citizen of this planet."

SprintRay looks forward to having Bolt represent the company as it aligns with their mission of expanding access to digital dental care in the global market, according to the press release. Because of Bolt’s Olympic achievements and speed, SprintRay considered him a perfect fit for their message of speed and time.

Bolt will be at SprintRay’s 3D Next Summit in Miami, Florida from October 21-24,2021, as a keynote speaker.