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Spring Selection 2024 - Round 1


The bracket is out and 16 dental products are set to compete for your votes. The path to the 2024 Spring Selection starts now…

2024 Spring Selection opening round bracket
Upper Right Quadrant: Seed 1 Vs. Seed 4

Upper Right Quadrant:

Seed 1

Spring Selection Upper Right Quadrant Seed 1 - Rodin Bond from Pac-Dent

Rodin™ Bond

This versatile light-cured dental adhesive is optimized for both direct and indirect restorations and is compatible with dentin, enamel, composites, zirconia, and commonly used metals. Plus, it features glass filler technology that permeates dentin tubules to create tight structural bonds.




Seed 4

Spring Selection 2024 Upper Right Quadrant Seed 4 - Payment Manager from Carestream Dental

CS 8200 3D Access

This 4-in-1 system is designed to enhance user experience, leading to improvements in diagnoses, patient care, and business growth. A versatile system catering to the diverse imaging needs of clinicians, including full-arch scanning, the CS8200 3D access offers 2D panoramic imaging, CBCT imaging, 3D-object scanning, and optional cephalometric imaging.

Carestream Dental



The Matchup:

In what is becoming a classic for the Spring Selection, this matchup does not make a lot of head to head sense. It is a choice between a material designed to make it easier to perform restorative dentistry, and CBCT solution designed to make it simple to capture 3D images. Which is more important, more impactful, more fun to support?

Vote For Your Favorite:

Vote for the glass-filled adhesive or the accessible CBCT:

Rodin® Bond
CS 8200 3D Access

Upper Right Quadrant: Seed 2 Vs. Seed 3

Upper Right Quadrant:

Seed 2

Spring Selection 2024 Upper Right Quadrant Seed 2: TriAuto ZX2+ from J MORITA

Tri Auto ZX2+

This cordless endodontic handpiece features an integrated apex locator and is compatible with both rotary and reciprocating files. Designed for safety and efficiency, it features Optimum Torque Reverse (OTR) technology that reduces the risk of files binding or breaking in the canal.


888-JMORITA (566-7482)


Seed 3

Spring Selection 2024 Upper Right Quadrant Seed 3: Urbanek TMJ Device & Protocol

Urbanek TMJ Device

A non-surgical, custom, 3D-printed device designed to alleviate inflammation of the TMD joint, the Urbanek TMJ Device is designed to unload the temporomandibular joint.

Urbanek TMJ Device and Protocol



The Matchup:

This is a matchup of a handpiece designed for convenience, efficiency, and safety against a protocol and appliance that provides relief for patients in pain. Which of these deserves to move to the second round?

Vote For Your Favorite:

Vote for the endo handpiece or the TMJ relief…

TriAuto ZX2+
Urbanek TMJ Device & Protocol

Upper Left Quadrant: Seed 1 Vs. Seed 4

Upper Left Quadrant:

Seed 1

Spring Selection Upper Left Quadrant Seed 1 - Theracal LC from BISCO

TheraCal LC®

A light-cured, resin-modified calcium silicate indicated for direct and indirect pulp capping and as a protective liner, TheraCal LC acts as a protectant of the dental pulp, and the hydrophilic resin formulation is designed to create a durable liner.




Seed 4

Spring Selection 2024 Upper Left Quadrant Seed 4 - ProFlare Articulating Disposable Prophy Angle from Premier Dental

ProFlare™ Articulating Disposable Prophy Angle

Designed to offer superior quality outcomes at an affordable price, tese innovative prophy angles feature a latex-free articulating cup with a patent-pending pivot and flare design that adapts to the unique contours of each tooth surface. This design significantly reduces the required wrist motion during polishing and improves ergonomics for dental professionals.

Premier Dental



The Matchup:

Both of these products are about protecting a patient's teeth. So which is getting your vote, the material for protecting beneath a restoration or the prophy angle designed for effective and efficient cleanings?

Vote For Your Favorite:

Vote for the the base/liner that protects surrounding teeth, or a novel prophy angle for efficient appointments. The choice is yours.

Theracal LC
ProFlare™ Articulating Disposable Prophy Angle

Upper Left Quadrant: Seed 2 Vs. Seed 3

Upper Left Quadrant:

Seed 2

Spring Selection 2024 Upper Right Quadrant Seed 2: TriAuto ZX2+ from J MORITA

DTX Studio Clinic AI 2D

DTX Studio Clinic now offers 6 types of pathological dental findings on periapical and bitewing intraoral images and is fully integrated into a practice’s imaging software. DTX Studio Clinic is designed to screen dental radiographs and annotate suspected areas of interest, allowing clinicians to make informed decisions about diagnosis and treatment.




Seed 3

Spring Selection 2024 Upper Right Quadrant Seed 3: Urbanek TMJ Device & Protocol


Designed with high levels of translucency to allow clinicians to achieve esthetic results that patients desire, Transcend uses Ultradent’s Resin Particle Match™ technology to ensure high levels of translucency which in turn lead to ideal pigmentation and opacity. Transcend uses a nanohybrid formula that makes it suitable for posterior and anterior restorations, as well as lending it good handling properties.

Ultradent Products, Inc.



The Matchup:

This is another software against materials match-up, as Ultradent's latest composite material faces off against DEXIS' AI-powered imaging solution.

Vote For Your Favorite:

Vote for the software with smarts, or the material with esthetics…

DTX Studio Clinic AI

Lower Left Quadrant: Seed 1 Vs. Seed 4

Lower Left Quadrant:

Seed 1

Spring Selection Lower Left Quadrant Seed 1 - 3M Filtek Matrix from Solventum

3M™ Filtek™ Matrix

Designed to help make composite placement less stressful and more predictable, this custom matrix system allows clinicians to design composite cosmetic cases virtually, and then execute them with a guide to help adhere to the plan.

3M Oral Care



Seed 4

Spring Selection 2024 Lower Left Quadrant Seed 4 - DWX52D Plus from Roland DGA

DWX-52D Plus

A 5-axis dry milling machine the DXW-52D plus features an included disc adapter rack, an optional C-Clamp accessory, a 15-station automatic tool changer, a newly engineered spindle, and the included VPanel software.

Roland DGA



The Matchup:

How to decide between a customizable cosmetic solution and a powerful milling system? Do you side with the matrix that makes composite placement simpler, or do you back the mill with a reputation as a workhorse?

Vote For Your Favorite:

Vote for the unique simplified cosmetic solution or the advance tabletop mill?

3M Filtek Matrix
DWX-52D Plus

Lower Left Quadrant: Seed 2 Vs. Seed 3

Lower Left Quadrant:

Seed 2

Spring Selection 2024 Lower Left Quadrant Seed 2: Revenuewell Bundles

RevenueWell Bundles

Designed to provide maximum value at reduced costs, while catering to the unique requirements of dental practices at every stage of business maturity, RevenueWell has 3 new innovative integrated product bundles: RevenueWell Starter, RevenueWell Professional, and RevenueWell Premium. RevenueWell’s bundles are designed to simplify operations, reduce costs, and provide exceptional value.




Seed 3

Spring Selection 2024 Lower Left Quadrant Seed 3: Strata-G Sectional Matrix System from Garrison Dental


Designed to form a 270° Seal for ultimate flash control. It is said to provide strong tooth separation yet is easier to open due to the Nitinol drawn-wire nickel titanium that is aligned at the molecular level for superior performance. Designed for more uses, the PEEK ultra-durable reinforcement on the back of the ring allows Strata-G to retain a higher percentage of initial strength for much longer.

Garrison Dental Solutions



The Matchup:

This might be the most challenging matchup of the first round in the 2024 Spring Selection. How does someone compare a software company creating versions of its product to fit different practices with an advanced sectional matrix system? Which will you choose?

Vote For Your Favorite:

Vote for the software packages or the rings and wedges…

RevenueWell Bundles
Strata-G Sectional Matrix System

Lower Right Quadrant: Seed 1 Vs. Seed 4

Lower Right Quadrant:

Seed 1

Spring Selection Lower Right Quadrant Seed 1: Stela from SDI


Well suited for Class I, II, III, and V restorations, Stela is a self-cure composite designed for efficient, reliable placement. The material cures starting with the restoration interface, rather than the exterior surface which helps prevent marginal gaps, eliminate postoperative sensitivity, and reduce restoration failure.




Seed 4

Spring Selection 2024 Lower Right Quadrant Seed 4: fastprint.io from Glidewell


Available via a partnership between Glidewell and LuxCreo, the fastprint.io is capable of producing models, nightguards, and even, same-day clear aligners. Additionally the printer is capable of producing clear appliances with minimal post-processing through the use of LuxCreo Digital Polishing™.




The Matchup:

Here we have two products on the cutting edge of dental technology, yet they could not be more different. On one side there's a novel self-cure composite material that could change the way a practice delivers direct restorations. On the other side, it's a 3D printer ready to expand a practice's capabilities while increasing efficiency. Which of these two gets your vote?

Vote For Your Favorite:

Who moves on the self-cure composite or the speedy 3D printer?


Lower Right Quadrant: Seed 2 Vs. Seed 3

Lower Right Quadrant:

Seed 2

Spring Selection 2024 Lower Right Quadrant Seed 2: Customizable Dental Treatment Plans from Adit

Adit Treatment Plan Software

Designed to be customizable to the dental practice’s specific needs, Adit Treatment Plan software allows clinicians and practice staff to create plans that suit the patients’ needs even for complex cases, and the software can even apply insurance estimates and discounts to the plan.




Seed 3

Spring Selection 2024 Lower Right Quadrant Seed 3: Dentrix Detect AI from Henry Schein ONE

Dentrix Detect AI®

Combining Henry Schein One’s Dentrix platform and VideaHealth’s artificial intelligence technology, Dentrix Detect AI is an AI-enabled x-ray analysis tool that provides real-time clinical decision support to dentists. Its full integration into Dentrix allows it to work within existing Dentrix workflows.

Henry Schein One



The Matchup:

In a rare bout featuring similar products ready to go head-to-head, this is a choice between software designed to help clinicians get patient's to accept treatment, and software that helps clinicians diagnose disease. Which of these is more important?

Vote For Your Favorite:

Vote for the planning application, or the AI application…

Customizable Dental Treatment Plans
Dentrix Detect AI

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