Specialties in Dentistry 2023 – Course 3 – Overcoming Common Pain Points in Endo: Preventing Perforations, Locating MB2 and Negotiating Calcified Canals


[1 Continuing Education Credit] Brett E. Gilbert, DDS, FICD shares best practices to help general dentists feel comfortable and find success while performing endodontic treatments. Sponsored by Enova. [1 Hour]

Sponsored by: Enova Illumination

Hosted by: Brett E. Gilbert, DDS, FICD, Diplomate, American Board of Endodontics

This program will use multimedia visuals to illustrate and demonstrate techniques through the dental operating microscope to help you overcome common pain points in Endodontic procedures. Perforation on access is a big concern, learn tips and techniques to help you prevent these iatrogenic occurrences. MB2 is an elusive canal structure that can be difficult to locate and can result in case failure if not addressed. Learn the anatomy and techniques through the microscope to help you more successfully locate and treat these canals. Calcification is a difficult challenge to overcome in Endo, learn the techniques and see demonstrations through the microscope to help you be more successful in negotiating these canals.

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