Spark Aligners Announce New Release 12

Spark Clear Aligners' new release is designed to give clinicians more control and flexibility.

Orthodontic solutions company, Ormco Corporation has announced the release of its Spark Clear Aligners Release 12, which is said to offer clinical enhancements, product optimization, and case-planning improvements to give doctors more flexibility, efficiency, and control.

Spark Clear Aligners feature Root Visualization, which allows clinicians to submit DICOM files to the Spark Design team to ensure that the roots shown in the Spark Approver software are precisely positioned over the roots in the DICOM files. Doctors can easily import CBCT scans directly into the Spark Approver software from the website.

Posterior Bite Turbos, previously only available on molars, is now available for premolars as well. This feature is said to help mitigate molar intrusion while correcting the anterior open bite, crossbite, or other conditions requiring posterior bite opening.

The Spark Approver software has been improved with Release 12 and is said to make it even easier for dentists and staff to use the software and case portal and consult with the Spark treatment planning team. The new enhancements include the ability to view and capture private doctor’s notes, new support for scanned appliances, and a redesigned auxiliaries panel.