Sonendo Subsidiary PIPStek LLC Files Patent Infringement Against BIOLASE

Subsidiary of Sonendo, PIPStek has filed a patent infringement against BIOLASE regarding its laser technologies for root canal disinfection.

Sonendo has announced that its subsidiary PIPStek, LLC has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against BIOLASE, asserting infringement of PIPStek’s patents 11,426,239 and 11,350,993 by BIOLASE’s Waterlase laser, according to a press release from Sonendo.

PIPStek’s laser technologies are not available, and Sonendo alleges that BIOLASE has infringed those technologies, according to president and chief executive officer of Sonendo, Bjarne Bergheim.

“Sonendo and PIPStek are committed to protecting our intellectual property and any future application of our intellectual property and investments in innovation,” Bergheim said in the press release. “We have not commercialized the PIPStek laser technologies because of our confidence that the GentleWave System is a better, more effective option for doctors and patients than laser-driven or traditional root canal disinfection. However, we have made significant investments in our broad intellectual property portfolio, and we will defend those investments and options for future product development and use. We feel strongly that the Court will find in our favor and provide a remedy to address BIOLASE’s infringing activities.”

This claim was filed in United States District Court for the District of Delaware. As of time of publishing, BIOLASE has not yet responded.