Solve my problem: Thinking of advertising via video?

Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report August 2019, Volume 53, Issue 8

Bring more revenue to your practice without spending too many of your marketing dollars.

The problem: The expense and know-how involved in video advertising can be more than most small business owners anticipate.

Making an advertising video yourself can be quite time-consuming, and paying a professional to make one for you can be costly.

The solution: Outfox Video

  • Pre-made industry-specific videos can be uploaded and customized in minutes by adding  your information and logo

  • All videos are said to be written, edited and produced by award-winning professionals

  • If you’re not familiar with how, when or where to post  your video on social media, a dedicated expert is there to help you generate more revenue                                                 

  • Fully finished, each video is complete with live action, sales-driven copy and energetic music tracks all designed to drive sales in each business category

  • Location protected so no one in your area will be showing the same video

  • Affordable at only $49 per video or a monthly subscription of $49 for two videos