Solve My Problem: Smoothing Out Inefficiencies With Dental Product and Supply Purchasing

Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report November 2020, Volume 54, Issue 11

Method’s cloud-based procurement platform offers a single system to manage all aspects of purchasing products for a practice.

Information provided by Method.

The Problem

Purchasing products and maintaining a practice’s inventory is both time consuming and complicated

With multiple vendors offering the same products at different prices, finding the best deals and maintaining optimal inventories means regularly checking with multiple sellers.

The Solution


  • Method’s cloud-based procurement platform is specifically engineered for dental practices
  • Provides increased visibility of purchasing habits for better insights into practice operations
  • Streamlined, systemic quoting process helps practices stay competitive and, when appropriate, purchase in volume for better pricing
  • The interface displays pricing comparisons in real-time for informed purchasing decisions
  • Intuitive interface makes it simple to use, and the system can be aligned to a practice’s budget priorities to ensure spending aligns with the practice’s plans
  • Supports multilocation practices with formularies and standardized or individual budgets
  • Provides reporting on purchasing data at the supplier, manufacturer, product, and category level
  • Can be used to manage inventory across multiple locations with barcoding to automate processes
  • Uses a 3-way match system to identify billing inaccuracies