Solve My Problem: Repair Service Reduces the Need for Digital Sensor Replacement

Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report November 2020, Volume 54, Issue 11

When digital intraoral sensors break and product warranties don’t cover the damage, Sodium Dental sensor repair services can get them working again.

Information provided by Sodium Dental.

The Problem

Digital x-ray sensors are constantly in use, moved between operatories, and in and out of patients’ mouths, providing ample opportunities for them to break

Sensor warranties often provide limited coverage when sensors are damaged during regular use, leaving practices with the expense of purchasing a brand new replacement sensor.

The Solution

Digital Sensor Repairs

  • In 2011, Sodium Dental invented and made available to dentists the ability to have any model of sensor repaired
  • Sensor repair requests start with a simple form, and sensors can be sent in for free estimates
  • Sodium Dental repairs sensors using custom manufactured components to replace failed parts, which can actually improve the sensor’s durability
  • Sodium Dental offers a 70% repair success rate, and customers only pay for successful repairs
  • The post-repair quality control process includes capturing 18 x-rays with the sensor and reviewing the images for quality and consistency
  • The average repair turnaround is just 4 days
  • Sodium Dental follows up on all repairs to ensure ongoing success and offers ongoing unlimited warranty options

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