Solve my problem: Grow your practice with online reviews

Dental Products Report, Dental Products Report March 2019, Volume 53, Issue 3

How Weave is helping dental offices to elevate their online reputation.

The problem: Small dental offices need more exposure

More and more patients are turning to the internet to find a dental practice that’s right for them. Small or new dental offices need a strategy for increasing their online presence and their Google ranking.

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The solution: Weave

  • Weave, a patient communication software, has developed an auto-text reviews feature in its desktop app.

  • Offices with Weave can send automated or personalized text messages to their patients asking them to kindly leave a review about their experience at the practice.

  • When dental practices add the reviews tool, these positive patient experiences translate into online talk, and it increases the practice’s chances of being seen and gaining new patients.

  • According to Weave’s data, the more reviews dental offices get, the more first-time patient visits they get. Not only do practices’ online reputations elevate from reviews, but their Google ranking increases as well.

  • View, sort, filter and respond to any and every review that your business receives.