SleepArchiTx introduces the Aligner Sleep Appliance

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The Aligner Sleep Appliance is the first and only appliance to treat sleep disorders in conjunction with aligner therapy.

SleepArchiTxTM CEO Alice Limkakeng introduces the industry’s first and only appliance to treat sleep disorders in conjunction with aligner therapy: the Aligner Sleep Appliance® (ASA). The ASA is exclusively available through SleepArchiTx.

An estimated 70 million Americans suffer from chronic sleep disorders, a large number of which originate in the soft tissues of the mouth and throat, such as Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). “Sleep disorders are often tied to problems with bite, occlusion and jaw position, so a comprehensive solution like this is extremely valuable,” explains Cellerant Consulting Group CEO and Managing Editor of Dental Sleep Practice Lou Shuman, DMD, CAGS.

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The ASA, combined with clear aligners, reportedly enables doctors to simultaneously straighten teeth, fix bite and occlusion problems, and solve patients’ sleep disorders. The ASA:

  • is FDA-cleared;

  • creates up to 8 mm of mandibular advancement, repositioning the lower jaw to create maximum reduction of soft tissue obstructions in the oropharynx;

  • is the only commercially available sleep appliance that can seamlessly fit over existing clear aligners at any stage of treatment;

  • is easily adjusted to allow bilateral retrofitting;

  • is customized to fit each patient case type: Class I, Class II and Class III.

The international patent for the ASA was granted in 2016.

Sal Rodas, SleepArchiTx chief product officer and executive director for Foundation for Airway Health, says SleepArchiTx’s turnkey solution gets dentists started in dental sleep medicine and supports practices as they grow. Key elements of the program include comprehensive education, diagnostic and treatment planning services from board-certified sleep physicians, all necessary dental appliances and billing services.

In addition to Dr. Shuman, other dental industry luminaries working with SleepArchiTx include renowned general dental sleep practitioner Payam Ataii, DMD; Space Maintainers Lab CEO Rob Veis, DDS; triple board-certified sleep physician Jerald Simmons, MD and diagnostician authority Marco Navarro, DDS, MS.

“SleepArchiTx has been built by experienced leaders from sleep medicine, sleep dental medicine, orthodontics, sleep appliance labs and medical billing. This 360-degree solution with the backing of such notable key opinion leaders is not available elsewhere,” Limkakeng states.

Limkakeng invites dentists who want to offer dental sleep solutions to enroll in the SleepArchiTx program before Nov. 30 to save $500 off regular enrollment fees. Visit to learn more.