'The Singin' Dentist' balances passions for dentistry and jazz music

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Dr. Steve Lipman has a passion for dentistry. He also has a passion for jazz.

Dr. Steve Lipman has a passion for dentistry. He also has a passion for jazz.

Dubbed "The Singin' Dentist," Lipman owns a successful dental practice, Family Dentistry of Windsor in Windsor, Conn. Here he provides services including cosmetic, restorative, general, children's and laser dentistry, as well as whole-body health.

However, in his spare time, Lipman enjoys performing music from The Great American Songbook, which includes composers such as Cole Porter, the Gershwin brothers, Richard Rogers and Lorenzo Hart.

"They're like poetry," he says on his website. "They reach deep into the soul and wring out that elemental human emotion that defines exactly who we are. They're beautiful, subtle and caress the thoughts without smacking the listener in the face. There's nothing finer than making that connection with the audience and communicating that passion with them. When it's all put to jazz, it's that much sweeter!

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But that doesn't mean dentistry comes second.

"Dentistry allows me to express a deep-seated artistry, a God-given gift to heal, so that I can better the lives of individuals that I truly care for," he says.

Backed by a band, Lipman performs throughout the Connecticut area and is also available for bookings.

In this video, HooplaHa Original sits down with LIpman as he discusses both dentistry and music and how he balances his interest in both:

For more information on Lipman, call 860-830-5596, visit the singingdentist.com or email steve@thesingindentist.com.

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