Sikka Software announces new service, Sikka Insights

This new service is aimed at empowering retail healthcare practices rebounding from the economic impact of COVID-19.

Sikka Software announced the launch of Sikka insights today via press release. This new analytics service encompasses the retail healthcare ecosystem of practices, manufacturers, distributors, financial institutions, and service providers.

Sikka Insights empowers informed decisions through data insights on scheduling, production, treatment plans, procedures, and other key performance indicators (KPI). With Insights, practices can draw connections between practice activity, shifting demand, and constantly changing market conditions. This enables practices to make the right decisions with the right data and is said to result in increased revenue, efficiency, and value that can be passed on to customers.

“We are excited to announce the availability of Sikka Insights. This innovative solution brings unprecedented historical data and analytics capabilities to the retail healthcare industry, across dental, orthodontics, chiropractic, optometry and veterinary practices,” said Vijay Sikka, founder and CEO of Sikka Software. “We have up to 15 years of data available and over 34,000 practice installations, which means we are able to deliver the industry’s richest data experience. Our manufacturing, DSO/group practice, consulting, analyst, and insurance partners - including McKinsey, Wells Fargo, and PatientPop - all stand to benefit from these timely insights to guide complex decisions as they navigate today’s challenging business environment.”

An example of the value and timeliness of this data is available on the Sikka COVID-19 Rebound website. Various retail healthcare segments are displayed in a variety of heat maps, quantifying the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on U.S. practice production and patient visits, and how practices across the country are starting to rebound.

“Wells Fargo Practice Finance has a key focus on helping independently owned healthcare practices grow and manage their businesses,” said Gavin Shea, SVP and national director, healthcare at Wells Fargo. “Partnering with Sikka is enabling the practices we support to gain a better understanding of their key performance indicators, and providing Wells Fargo with the industry and market insight that contributes to practice ownership success for our customers.”

Sikka Software is helping to rethink the retail healthcare market using a single API cloud platform with Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Analytics. For more information, visit